But I need some vegan help

Ok, I know I know. Dont hate me. I just ahve a ton of things to ask… Because well… Lots of people.. More have been thru it then anyone I personally know.. So this helps…

Aaanyways.. Ok been trying to be a vegan/vegiatarian latley. I really think its wrong… But couldnt help but eat it..

But then last week sometime I made home made chicken tenders for dinner. And my boyfriend and my little sister had no trouble eating them. So there was nothing wrong with it…

But when I ate it.. It tasted really bad.. So I didnt eat much…

But didnt think much of it…

The next day I made beef tips and noodles… And.. Oh…my…god… The meat was frozen.. And I had to thaw it in the sink with hot water… And all the blood came out… And it was leaking… I oculdnt take it.. So my boyfriend and little sister had to cut it up for me… It was terrible…

Then a few days later my mum and dad brought me chicken kickers home from work, and they really sounded good… Then I ate one and it tasted horrible!

Wth is going on with me?

Then yesterday morning I made a biiig bowl of cereal. Milk wasnt expired.

But it felt like it stuck to my tongue. And it just didnt taste right… Sooo… Hat whole bowl went to waste.. Because I just coudlnt eat it…

Then I made hot dogs for lunch… It was bad too… What happened to all my food!

Whats going on?

I can eat pepperonis off of pizza… But.. I havent tried anything else really… Im afraid im going to waste more food and my mum will yell at me again… Please help me.. Im so hungry…

All I’ve really eaten in 2 days is a pbj sandwich

Answer #1

I’ve ate it my whole life and have never had a problem with it til now.

I have too many problems with me to not eat meat,

im already anemic. without meat, do you really think I have any chance at being healthy?

ic ant take iron pills because I cant take pills. there arent enough things in veggies to keep me healthy

Answer #2

were all picky. theres a can of green beans in the cupboard… thats about it.. we have no fresh veggies or fruit very often… never fresh veggies.

the most veggies I eat is… probably when im snacking and eat a can of peas…

we live on meat. I can take it anymore. it tastes and smells gross. but we dont buy anything else

Answer #3

we dont eat many veggies… my parents work 5 days a week, and when there not home, I cook. and I cook what they give me, no veggies.

when there home, we order pizza.

I make hamburger helper and beef tips and noodles and what ever else they throw at me in between.

I cant eat around the meat, if meat is the only thing on my plate now can I?

Answer #4

Well then ask your parents if they can buy less meat and more vegetables – they’ll benefit from it too.

I find it hard to believe that your family buys ONLY meat products.

Answer #5

thank you vannilla702…

I am just so hungry…

I’ve never had crab or lobster er anything… just tuna in a can and Long John Silvers fish…

never was to big on sea food.. have been thinking about sushi lately…

Answer #6

I’ve been tryng for 4 years… and its never been like this…

I just tried before because it seemed so wrong.. I saw all the vids of animals dying. I’ve seen the pictures. everything. and I just went cold turkey on it before.. and so I havent tried in a few months.

but this last week has been bad…

I just want some real food

Answer #7

when ever I try. I stop thinking I eat it anyways because it tastes good… now it just tastes bad! I cant eat it anymore. its just to gross

Answer #8

ok um I don’t know if this will help much but why don’t you start eating more veggetables insted of all that meat I mean you said you were trying to become vegeitarian.

Answer #9

Go on ine & get some vegan recipes, they have 100,s of good ones, when you eat meat you are eating the pain from the animals, the poor things are inhumanly slaughtered an it causes disease, you know the saying you are what you eat, so very true.

Answer #10

My friend is a vegetarian too. She first became one about a year ago and when she first made the decision she didn’t even tell her parents because she was scared of what her dad would say. She just ate around the meat.

A year later she is still a successful vegetarian. If she can do it you can.

Just don’t eat the meat, it really is that simple.

My family is working class and my parents don’t buy any substitutes for me but I manage.

Answer #11

yeah… it is hard.

if I could handle it right now? I would go eat a niiice big juicy steak!go to burger king and down a couple of whoppers then go to a farm and shoot a couple cows.

I cant eat it. I dont want to be a vegetarian right now. I want trying this time.

I’ve got things to do, I want to be able to eat meat! I needed help! I want to be able to have it taste good again! everything tastes like crap!

Answer #12

Y’know what? I’m not even going to bother posting again.

If you wanted to be a vegetarian then you would. You would find a way. If you wanted to be a vegetarian then you wouldn’t carry on eating meat.

Talk to your parents and stop moaning on here because every other vegetarian thinks you’re being pathetic. It’s really not that hard.

Answer #13

meat isn’t real food you pleb

it’s a corpse

it’s not necessary at all in order to be healthy

if you want to be a vegetarian, it really isn’t that hard, just DON’T eat meat

Answer #14

well im not risking it. I guess I starve til my tastes come back.

because we have nothing else to eat

Answer #15

I’m anaemic and I cope.

Answer #16

Hmm… I wonder why dead bodies don’t taste good!

Isn’t that a conundrum?

Answer #17

Go for it.

Answer #18


Answer #19

you’re trying to be a veggie and yet time after time you’ve broken it and ate meat?


maybe your body is rejecting the corpses

if you don’t even like how it tastes then why are you eating it?

Answer #20

im picky tho…

I dont know what else to eat.. I just e fruits and veggies as a snack… how can I turn it into a full meal?

thats the biggest problem I have

Answer #21

First of all meat is definitely food. That is why we have carnivore teeth as well as veggy teeth. Do you get mad at bears for eating meat? They have teeth like us for both kinds of food, and they eat what they can get, just like us.

Know that being a vegetarian is a choice that only the privileged wealthier countries residents have the option of choosing.

That said I think you have got hung up on images of murdering some cute little animal, which isn’t really the case. I think that is why it doesn’t taste good to you though, and I think you should try to slowly introduce meat into your diet, as well as eating more veggies and stuff for hunger’s sake.

Good Luck

Answer #22

ok… Ohsarah?

I stated this before…

I’ve seen all the videos.. I’ve heard it all… I go to peta2.com all the time… hell, last summe when I was a semi successful veggie, me and my friends had a demo outside of a kfc…

I know all the benefits of being a vegetarian. I know all the dangers of not being a vegetarian…

I know what happens to the enviroment.

but when you live in a house like I do, and I live where I do. it makes it kind of hard.

Answer #23

I’ve known its wrong since I was about 10. but it was sooo hard to stop…

it’ll be difficult to buy anything.. because… ya know… everything that is like… vegitarian… is expensive.. so my mum wont buy it for me… I mean… I was going to get that silk soy milk… and.. we coudlnt get it because it was so expensive…

because were on a tight budget… and eat the same things all week long…

well… usually its meat.. but on friday I made fried potatoes.. and oooh my god they were sooo good… so me and my boyfriend sat out in the kitchen eating em together… lol.. it felt like a date… (Even tho… I cooked it.. I served it.. I cleaned up… and did dishes) XD

I have to eat what they eat

because we dont have money to buy me what I want…

Answer #24

I was a vegetarian since I was 14 years old, nearly 5 year, and about 8 months ago I started eating meat again, it all tasted HORRIBLE to me. the first few times I ended up puking because my body couldn’t handle it. it’s normal to dislike the taste of meat now, no worries. as for ohsarah, seriously, wow.. of course meat is real food, and you def. do need it for nutrients you don’t get from anywhere else. do your research. meat provides you with tons of nutrients and a great level of iron that your body needs.

I had to start eating meat again because the veggies that also provide this, I didn’t like, so I didn’t get the proper nutrients.

Answer #25

I personally think it’s wrong to eat meat when you don’t need to. Your body can survive perfectly well without it, as countless vegetarians and vegans have proven. Did you know on average vegetarians live ten years longer than meat eaters because they have less problems with chlosteral, heart disease, etc?

You can get plenty of nutrients from other food. For example, there’s more protein in a jar of peanut butter than a whole chicken.

Also, the meat industry is totally corrupt. The majority of the animals you eat are kept in appalling conditions. If humans were kept in the same conditions then it would be considered as torture. In some places the animals EAT EACH OTHER because they don’t get enough food.

On top of all this eating meat is bad for the environment. Cows let out more dangerous toxic gases than all the cars in the world. FACT. On top of this, think about all the land that has to be cleared in order for the animals and all the petrol that is used to transport the animals to the slaughter houses and the corpses to your supermarkets.

If you’re going to be a vegetarian, then actually BE one. What you’re saying is to be quite honest stupid. You’re saying you don’t like the taste of meat and you want to be a veggie so then why continue eating meat? Save your body and save the ozone by becoming a vegetarian.



Answer #26

meat is good !!! it is real food!!! animals have died always and humans have eaten them always I just think its wrong to kill them when your not hungry and its for hunt…people who hunt for fun are idiots that need to die because your bringing all species exept your worthless selves out of existance!!! I should hunt you!!! as far as your eating problem…maybe your mind is wrraped upon this meat is murder idea that your brain is telling your body its not good…even though your stomach wants it try eating fish or crab or lobster…itll be easier if its a sea animal but there are really good vegan and vegeterian recipies that will fill you up and be tasty!!! search on google!! -v-

Answer #27

Just because it tastes good doesn’t mean it’s right. And I don’t CARE what anyone says, eating meat is wrong. I’ve been a vegetarian for 7-8 years, on a daily basis, I don’t think about meat at all. There’s lots of delicious BOCA/veggie products. I don’t know if you’ve heard of all of these but there’s veggie Hot Dogs, Veggie Burgers, Veggie Chicken Sandwiches, Veggie Chicken Wings, (They aren’t messy either!) Veggie Ribs, Veggie bacon, etc. There’s so many products out there that are much better than real meat.

The reason you are rejecting the meat is most likely because you know it’s wrong and you are trying so hard to stop. It will make you sick when you’re eating it. (if you have strong feelings about Animal Rights) Before I became a vegetarian when I was seven-eight, I realized where meat came from. I made myself sick after I ate meat; just from the thought.

The truth is, the first week-month is the hardest part. You’ll feel deprived probably, and you will still probably drool at the thought of the burgers on the commercials.
Don’t give in! The pressure will go away soon.

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