What if I just want to die?

everytime I see skinney people I feel so bad because I am fat I havent ate anything for a while I feel like dieing I hate everything and yet I still dont know what to do I hate this theres nobody I can talk to I just feel like killing myself right now.

Answer #1

I’m sure your being very hard on yourself. Beauty comes from the inside, not from the outside. No matter what you look like, if you are a witch or just always putting others down, people would not want to be around you. No matter what I can pretty much bet that if you woke up tomorrow and looked like what you (and I say you because beauty is in the eye of the beholder) consider “perfect” you still would find something wrong. Low self esteem is low self esteem, you just have to build that and you will feel much better. I’ll even tell you most of those “skinny” girls that get breast implants have a higher percentage of suicide because boobs don’t give you self esteem YOU DO. you should really think long and hard, and possibly see somebody because you don’t have a good self image and you have a very low self esteem just by reading your post. Believe me looks aren’t as important as you think they are. You worry me please contact me if you really feel like taking your life!!

Answer #2

You need lifestyle changes, not quick fixes. Crash diets will only make you feel worse, emotionally. You need to fight and move forward to live. Workout, go for walks, jog, go swimming. Find an activity that is healthy for your body. The weight will take care of itself at that point.

Answer #3

i think all these ppl are saying dont listen to other ppl or let othe ppl influence u and stuff but i no what you mean i am so simular to you it is unbelivable and no matter what any one says it doesnt help ive been trying to lose weight and have even made my self sick or stoped eating and yes i feel better for a bit till i look at my self in the mirror then im bk to where i started and feel like you im not trying to make this post about me im trying to let you no your not the only one i used to cut my self and that was when i felt most like you and i really dont no how but i stopped doing it i think it was because of my friends and family that helped but you said you dont have many people to talk to i dont want to listen to all these ppl telling you what you re doing is wrong because it dosnt make you feel any better and it wont stop you and you still wont see it as wrong because it is your choice and no one can tell you what to do what you need is some friends to help you if that is maybee not as easy as it sounds aswell then you need to find some that you can talk online to alot and some one that shares you thoughts and understands you councillers and all that just read from a book and don no what they are on about dont no how you feel but friends do and thats what the are there for hope i helped :):):)

Answer #4

everyone here is saying, your better than that, beauty is on the inside, get up and move on, blaa blaa blaa…so I take it that none of you here saying that knows what it feels like to be ripping apart inside, to be tormented in your mind about your weight day in and out…to punish your self by eating just to make your self more mad and fatter…I know what you feel like, as I used to be bulmic, and aneroxic…now after all those years from the age of 15-35…now 42 and I weigh more than i have ever did and I want to friggin well die, well not die actually, I want the pain in my heart and stomach to go away from hating my self…but i can’t cause i have 2 little boys ages 1 and 3 to take care of…and I don’t want to do that to them and I don’t want to cry in front of them, but I am crying on the inside…big time. Don’t one of you say, well take them for a walk or get a babysitter and go to the gym…know what…about 6 years ago I was already to go to body building competition…don’t tell me to go to the gym, its impossible to with 2 little one, cause there is NO one to help or babysit for me…and don’t tell me not to be selfish and stop thinking about myself…cause if you were a big fat slob as they call us, you wouldn’t feel good either, especially after being in top notch shape…I don’t want anyone to answer me, I just wanted to let Payne know that she is not the only one that feels the way she does and to just try to figure it out…somehow and good luck

Answer #5

Okay so here is my advice: Im FAT too, so no biggy. I know what you mean because all my friends are skinny and have perfect bodies & Im just one of them that lacks on the body part & crap. But Dont kill yourself over weight. Its not worth it you have a short life, live it to the fulliest dont end it over weight issues. Ive once thought of killing myself because Im no “perfect” as all my friends are. But me & my 2 very very close friends have decided to fast once a month,become vegitarian, & puke. Yea it seems like its out of control but really this world we live in is so cruel. & Sometimes you want to be apart of what they call “PERFECT” so dont kill yourself over the weight issue. I dont agree with suicide. Try fasting or becoming vegitarian dont puke. Its a horrible habit for me and my 2 friends to disown. <3

& My friends & I would love to help so here are something you can try: Fasting- dont eat anything for a week except crackers & water Becoming vegan (: Excercise an hour each morning Go for a walk in the evening Eat less fatty foods or less meals

Answer #6

Nobody on earth is perfect, we all have something that we like/dislke about ourselves. Best thing you can do is look at the good aspects of your self that you like rather than the ones that you dislike and stress over them.

You need to develop on your self-esteem and confidence to gain self-worth. I have several times in my life felt suicidal for various reasons and one of them partially being weight, but the important thing that has prevented me from doing as such is that i dont want to kill myself because of something that i can’t have or because of a certain way that i can’t look. So i can empathise with you and understand what your going through.

At the end of the day people love you for who you are not what you look like. Live your life as the person that you are not the person that you would like to be.

On the other hand if you weight is really making you feel so upset, seek help from a counsellor or your family doctor or a trusted adult.

Answer #7

Dnt worry bout that honey. Look, i might not know how you feel cause i’m skinny. But that should not get you down. live yuh live an no watch no face daawlin. I have lots of fat frindz and ive never had a skinny boyfriend. Jus cool nuh man!! Chill out. Zeen!?

Answer #8

no matter what nothing is worth the loss of your life just work harder and stay happy, you’ll get through it :D

Answer #9

um y would u kill urself over somethin crazy lik that.it seems lik 2 me u hav low self-esteem.hav faith in urself .believe in urself and u will hav success.bein overweighted it’s no big deal.just start eatin healthy and exercisin,tak walks and maybe joggin a little.but just think about it if u kill urself just think of how much pain u r goin 2 put ur family and parents through.i dont think that u would want 2 hurt ur loved ones.keep ur head up and work that weight off and dont be crazy and kill urself.thats not good and its not right.much love 2 ya

Answer #10

Your shouldnt let it put you down .. you should be happy with the way you are..ii also agree with flaunturbooty Yoo should join a running club drama club ect.. and talk too someone about it all! what about your mum ? also you should make sure you ar eating the right types off food like fruit && vegtables and dont forget about taking daily excersice! dont worry about it ! Hope yoour feeling better soon! Good look x

Answer #11

Life is what you make of it. And, you can always make it better. There are lots of people who love you in your life. Even people who haven’t met you, love you for what you are: a fellow human being.

Take a deep breath, smile, and remember, it’ll be OK as long as you think positive & focus on taking small steps. Nothing big was ever done overnight.

Answer #12

I find these topics very hard to answer because you mght be giving someone the advice that might change their life, but then again you could insult them…

What you have to do now is just let it out - talk to someone you trust

Get it off your mind - join a team - drama club, running club - so you can accieve something

Have some “me” time - instead of thinking of it, do it - show people you have what it takes to change!

And most of all - exercise - even if you have accieved your goal at the end, keep it up, dont stop

good luck! x

Answer #13

I might be the fattest person on fun advice no joke.

Just change the way you think like instead of saying to yourself “I wanna die because I am fat.” think “I should live to show others I am better than them.” Yes in some terms you will seem to have a big ego, but alot of people with swollen egos (Like mine) are some of the nicest people on earth, and they are the coolest.

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Answer #14

try going to church god made you the way you are never kill yourself that will not help anything i know how you feel just give your life to christ and everything will fall into place you always have people who love you go to them and just hang with your friends and family they will make you feel sooo much better

Answer #15

oh man I just wrote a really llong answer but I didnt sign up until after lmao. but this was a yr ago, if you didnt kill urself already I’d just like 2 say a couple of words. I was dpressed, went on pills. I had therapy for a yr. I had a por self image. I was always told I was pretty, but I didn’t see it. I was fat,, still am, gained 20 pds from the pills. After I was already about 20 pds overweight. After all the therapy, pills, I realized I was the only one who could help myself. Its in all of us to see the real us, and it might take us a long time to find. I’ve wanted to die, after all the deaths in my family. I focuse less on myself, and more on trying to help others. Even though I was helping others, it felt like I was helping myself. I joined a church group that always did things with the members. We got closer with the members, god, and ourselves. After the first meeting I felt I connected with god even though he wasnt there, I learned more about him, and felt important, needed, and better about myself. It doesn’t matter what you look like, but its how you see yourself, and others on the inside. I didnt mean to go all religious on you, trust me, I hated going to church. But just try to find the good qualities in things, and the positives. You’ll carry this quality throughout your whole life. And just remember, I wrote this whole thing in about 15 minutes, I am not pullin your leg. This all happened to me to and I am happy to say that I am getting much better. Stay strong!

Answer #16

just becuz ur fat dosen’t make u ugly k.i am fat and i guyz try to talk to me…so don’t make urself think that okay…

Answer #17

Your not the only one ;(

Answer #18

ps…my kids will not get into there stroller or wagon so walking is out of the question, not only that but its goes to -50 in the winter…

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