Does anyone else just want to die sometimes?

have any of you just wanted to die! you feel like the world would move faster and stronger if you wenrt living! I feel this way but maybe its just me! halla at me and tell moi what I can do!!!

Answer #1

hey me too babe I understand my ex commited suiside and well he hung himself and I got in a depression so deep I was cutting myself and wanted to die and I was about to strangle myself please everything will turn up ok you will see:):)

Answer #2

yea a long time ago, well only a couple of months but once its gone its feels like that feelin was never there x keep talkin and get some help stay positive!!! xxx

Answer #3

oh huny all the time =[[[

Answer #4

yes I want to die all the time

Answer #5

Wow you only get one shot at life. That’s not true, and even it was true that would just give people more incentive to kill themselves. I know that if I didn’t beleive in God or a Hell or anything like that I would have killed myself a long time ago in order to escape the Hellish existence called life, but since I am religious I know that suicide is not an escape but a door to even more misery, Hell. If I didn’t believe in another life, or a Hell, or God I would have done it years ago, but since I am so convinced that there is a Hell, I haven’t committed suicide because if there is a Hell then I will not escape through suicide but make it worse. I rather live for 60-122 years here on Earth being miserable then spend an eternity being extremely more miserable in Hell. I do wish there were other options though, but there isn’t. Life on Earth, as sad as it is is the best option that I have.

Answer #6

hey girl suicide is not the answer it only hurts the ones around you I came close then I woke up. my babygirl is the only reason I didnt

Answer #7

Yah I have only a few times. and it was because of a few terrible things that happened in that point in my life is why I wanted to die. Not because I hated myself or anything. just cause I was reallyy depressed cause of things that were happening in my family.

I hope I never have to feel that way again.

Answer #8

yeah I do all the time I feel the world would be a better place without me and then me and my best friend started talking about it and how if I dead it would cause a chain reaction of deaths…if I die she dies if she dies bree dies if bree dies brees boyfriend dies if he dies well you get the point so I guess im stuck living because if I die allot of people would die

Answer #9

yeah I used to feel like that all the time, cut, burn, you name it.
haven’t done it in a while, now I just get tattoos to endure pain… but I do miss the old days

Answer #10

yep,,, there called emotions!!!

it means it time to change your set of thinking

positive thoughts and more smiles

sounds gay but works

maybe the world wud seem better or move faster if you helped the world and all the problem in it

starving kids or even small things to help people a lil goes a long way

Answer #11

same sweetie just try to take your mind off it and do something fun like paint, sing, dance, write…anything like that

if you want any more advice comment me

Bee xx

Answer #12

aww sweetheart, dont say that!! everyone feels like that once and awhile, but it should pass!! just think about how good life can be!! and if you were gone, imagine the world with out u!! the pople who loved yu would be devistated!! would you want them to feel like that or the rest of there lives? Babe things will brighten up I promise!

Answer #13

I do all the time as. well seeing old boyfriends.. or thinking about what might happen when I go home tonight.. makes me just want to slit my wrists right then and there!!

Answer #14

Somedays I felt like I just wanted to curl up and die. I used to cut myself, I’ve gotten past the very bad habbit for a long time now and I plan for it to stay that way. Before you start that dosn’t mean I was emo, That meant I was a cutter. My parents have been always untrusting, my dad always cuts me down and once said one day “You’ll never amount to anything” and it seems like they don’t even care. My life has been all about Depression and no one has really been there for me until now. I have a girlfriend of my dreams and she is the best thing that has happened to me. Being around her is all I need, She’s my perfect angel. But being without her is what tears me apart. She’s the strength in my life, the reason to live and the reason for me. Believe me, cutting yourself and trying to kill yourself is not nessesary… You have much to live for.

Answer #15

No I’ve never felt that way, life even when hard is still precious and exciting I’d imagine death is quite boring. Suicide is selfish, you’re just leaving others with the burden, you become part of the problem and have no hand in the solution. Millions of children suffer worse fates then you every day, from being forced to work in sweat shops, the sex trade, starvation, beatings, etc… and they still want to live. Your life can’t be that bad, get off the pitty pot and do something to make the world a better place instead of saying “Poor me pour me a drink” Stay off the drug’s and alcohol. Stop labeling yourself as emo, just to fit in with others. It’s not at all cool to conform. “If there is anything the nonconformist hates worse than a conformist, it’s another nonconformist who doesn’t conform to the prevailing standard of nonconformity.” ( Bill Vaughan .)

Answer #16

yea I feel like dying all the time I hate my life is sucks my dads is bipolar and he tried killing himself I cutt myself to relieve the pain in my life my mom is getting married to this real jerk and she doesnt care how I feel or even care what I think I HATE her so much everyday I feel like kiling myself I was raped and no one cared so I had to go to the police by myself Im just so lonely in the world I just wish there was other people like me and I even think about runningaway and then I think what is my mom going to do If she finds out she has to pick me up from the police station shed probably care what I had to say then but then shed probably kill me first before I axually got to say somethin I just hate my life I bet that no one life is as screwed up as mine

Answer #17

yea I feel the same you to, and it’s most of the time. I feel like I’m nothing and that people don’t care about me. but then I think about how my parents would feel, and my friends, and the guy I’m in love with wold feel. I mean I’ve lost a friend before and I started to cut myself and OD, and it did nothing for me but screw me up. I mean yea I still cut, and I’ve almost stoped ODing, so I know what it’s like to loose someone that you care about a lot, so I know how hard it would be for my friends and family, thats why I haven’t done it. I mean I’ve tried, but I couldn’t get myself to do it. well if you ever need someone to talk to you can e-mail me, and I’ll be here for you

xoxo Tela

Answer #18

that is what people say.. but I honestly think the say it because they think that it will keep you hear.. I love you all but I must leave.. I must die sometime.. we all must… so when I die.. lte me go… and no one else. follow row by row. I have lived my life to the fullest you know. and I know you think that not ture. But I hate it where I am. you all say it will get better. so tell me now. what do I have. to keep me where I am??


I love you all.. peace to hte middle east!!!

Answer #19

im sure there’s a point in everyones life where they wish they never existed… and it normally due to all the dumb things we people go through in this world. family, friends, past relationships all have made me feel torn and shattered up inside. just surround yourself with things you love and people you know that will always have your back when you fall (like people on this site!!) feel free to talk about your feelings and emotions and dunt keep em botteled up!! but like amans13 said, you only get one shot in life!!… life is supposed to be treasured!! wutever life throws at ya… fight back and stay strong!!

Answer #20

I feel like that sometimes !!!

Answer #21

yeh darlin I do all the time I understand babe. x x

Answer #22

thanx again for the advice!

Answer #23

thanx for the advice yo!!!

Answer #24

I didn’t ever think suicide was a good idea… it’s more of just like an escape plan.

Answer #25

ye I feel like I want 2 die sometimes

Answer #26

yes, to see how people feel and then come back, so Im like female jesus, queen of the jews and daughter of god. I can heal people.

Answer #27

yeah I’m often suicidal.

Answer #28

of course! its human nature to feel that way sometimes

Answer #29

I likre the challenge of trying to stay alive

Answer #30

I used 2!!!I used 2 b a stupid emo girl.ull get over it !!!

Answer #31

umm. no, I do not ever want to die.
if you do… you should try being POSITIVE. It helps.

Answer #32

awwh… well I do to all the ime.. and if you want to talk about it.. then you know whwree I am right>>>

Answer #33

thanx again for the advice!

Answer #34

do what Bee syas she gives the best advice :) Chemo Tink xx

Answer #35

I want to die 99.9 % of the time !!

Answer #36

im the sme my life is so screwed and I have no name my parents have ruined me and I always want to die so no u are not alone

Answer #37

I try dieing or at least think about it all the time

Answer #38

oh me. I feel like dying somtimes. But thers better things to do in this world than kill myself lol

Answer #39

Noo!…whatever happens you shouldnt go that extreme, you only get to live once!…anyways always think that the best is still to come so you you know everything will turn out ok

Answer #40

all the time!

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