Will therapy help? this long-term depression?

I get made fun of daily from people I don’t even know because I am not good-looking. Well I went through a state of depression from the age of fifteen until now (I am 21) and it doesn’t seem to be easing up. I used to have friends but I have been so depressed that I drove them all away and they don’t want anything to do with me anymore. I have tried making it up with them but they gave me so many chances that they just don’t want to anymore and I don’t blame them, I’d likely react the same way. I’ve tried making new friends but because I am not good-looking no one wants much to do with me. There are people who live around my apartment building who I’ve tried but they don’t want anything to do with me. A lot of them think I am a loser before getting to know me. I have recently lost my job and am very broke. I just can’t handle the teasing anymore, something I thought didn’t happen when you are an adult. I can’t handle the loneliness anymore either, I haven’t talked to a person face to face in over a week, that’s how bad it is. I have never had a boyfriend because I am too ugly.

I’ve been thinking of going to my mom or sister or someone about it but I don’t know if I should. They aren’t too understanding about the topic of suicide. My dad did it when I was a little kid and they get angry if the topic is brought up. I was thinking therapy but what would it do? I can talk about my feelings but I’ll still be lonely and ugly. I still won’t have friends.

Just seeing if anyone has advice. I really don’t want to go on anymore and I don’t know what to do. I’ve tried making friends, I’ve gone out places to make friends but no one wants anything to do with me. I don’t want to go on anymore, whats the point?

I did find a new job, I start tomorrow but I don’t think it will change anything.

Answer #1

Hey Ashley, I’ve felt the same way over the last couple of years, nothings been going right everyone around me seems so much happier than I am and I have thought about it many times as well. I’ve had so many people die in my family and a friend that I had known for years who was also my age, at that time we were both 14, die from a car incident. I have made some of my best friends leave me as well because of how I feel at times. But I’ve kept going and I’m getting stronger. I know you can do it too. Don’t let anyone put you down, there just trying to make themselves feel better because they have low self esteem, what they say is only affecting you because you are believing what they are saying and you shouldn’t. I think everyone is beautiful in there own ways, EVEN YOU! Believe in yourself and don’t ever think that just because someone else says something negative about you that its true. Your perfect just the way you are. If you ever need to talk FunMail me and if you want to talk to me anytime I’ ll give you my screen name or e-mail address so you can get a hold of me everyday. I won’t ever judge you and I wouldn’t ever say anything negative about you or anyone else. Sometimes people, like me, find it easier to talk to someone without being face to face, such as online and then others prefer to be face to face whichever you prefer is fine with me but please let me know how you do! ~Alanna

Answer #2

Hey squirt…I feel the same way, almost every hour of the day I think of the same thing… Well if you drove your friends away cause your depressed there not your friends to take off on you anyway.
My uncle did that also, he killed himself…don’t do that…I think to myself, This life on earth for me…is hell but if I kill myself, I am just ending this HELL going into another Hell which is a million times worse and its eternal…how would you like that??? NO THANKS…so we just have to suffer it out…I wish I could talk to you more, I have lots to talk to you about cause I understand what you feel like…Hmmm I don’t know if your mom or sister would be a good choice, try…a counscellor, if you don’t go to church to and get the priest or minister and talk to them about it…if they are any kind of church person they will give you the time of day…

Answer #3

Dear ashley868, Please seek out a counsellor ASAP. You asked what good it will do; when someone suffers from depression they suffer from faulty thinking as well. That is a term used for people who see things not really as they are. You see things in a negative light and believe this to be true. But your thinking is faulty and what you see is distorted. So with counselling they can show you how to change that thinking around so that you actually do see things in a positive light. When people are depressed they don’t think anything can help them…because their depressed they see things this way. When there is no depression we see things as possible and we have hope. So how do we get depressed people to believe this when they are depressed and see everything negative…this is the question of our life time…the only answer is you have to trust someone, you have to take the chance. What do you have to loose by trying a counsellor. They won’t make things worse. Sue…good luck

Answer #4

Hey Ashley.

I know it’s hard to get by when it appears as if the entire world has turned it’s back on you. But let me tell you something. There are so many great people in this world who would do anything to help you get back on your feet, because chances are you’re not ugly at all. When you have low confidence and self-esteem in yourself, that arises possibilities for cruel people (who also have low confidence in themselves) to hurt you and walk all over you. Doing that makes them feel better about themselves for some ridiculous reason. So what you need to do, is raise your chin, and be strong for your own sake. If anyone opens their mouth, you tell them to shut it. Understand? Believe me, I’ve felt this way before and I know everyone else in this world has, as well. Start thinking positively. I know it sounds pathetic and useless, but in reality…it’s the secret to life! Tell yourself that things are getting better already, that people will learn to respect you once they see that beautiful smile you have. Make your mind believe that anything is possible. That boyfriend you want…, tell yourself that you’re going to find him. (But this will only happen if you remain strong, and continue to think positively!) Try it out. What do you have to lose?

As for your friends, talk to them about how you were feeling. Apologize and let them know that you’ve suddenly grown from this, and you’re now stronger than ever. If they’re really your friends, they’ll understand.

And of course that job will change everything! It’s a job, and jobs are always a step closer to success! Never forget that.

So get rid of that “i don’t, can’t, i’m not, etc” They’re immediately erased from your vocabulary! Start showing that wonderful smile, and never give up.

I want you to think positively about everything for a month straight. It’s hard work, but I promise you’ll have everything you could ever imagine, and more.

If you need anything else, feel free to ask me whenever you’d like. : ]

~ Lady

Answer #5

Want to try something DIFFERENT ??? just do the following RIGHT NOW ;

1–chant ‘hari om’(hari as in HURRY & om as in HOME without the ‘H’) do this repetedly & a point will come where you will feel like you just want to close your eyes ( in that case case do it).At this point increase the number of O in om like HARI OOOM & then —HARI OOOM— & so on.when you chant this VEDIC MANTRA then remain silent (no thinking!,fidgeting,moving,etc) for an amount of time taken to chant this one mantra.this looks very very simple but its effects are very very very large (even ALBERT EINSTEIN would not had imagine it !!!). this is called ‘CHUP SADHANA’ & I learned it from ‘param pujya ASARAMJI bapu’.—>”www.asharam.org “ also read JEEVAN RASAYAN a book from —“http://hariombooks.goog… “ tihs will help remove all weakness from you,believe me millions have obtained benefits from it ,literally.

note: women durimg their periods are not to chant OM but they can chant HARI

this I say to you on basis of teachings of ‘param pujya ASARAMJI bapu’

http://www.hariomgroup.net http://www.hariomgroup.org http://hariom

Answer #6

First, you need to talk to somebody. I know it might be hard to talk to your mom and sis, but haveing been through it once they sould be eager to help someone they love overcome these feelings. I lost my best friend to suicide and, trust me, I take the issue very seriosly.

I’ve also been down that road myself. I got very depressed when I was 14 or 15, and there was a time in high school when I would stare at a bottle and think about never waking up again.

But, I made a decision not to. They say that suicide is the most selfish thing anyone can do. But I would say that my decision to live was just as selfish. I didn’t throw that bottle away for my parents, my family, my friends, I did it for myself. Instead of being mad at myself all the time for the mistakes I made I got mad at this deseise that was robbing me of my happiness, and I made the desision to beat it–for myself.

First, find some help. If your family won’t help, find a doctor, if you can’t do that, call 800 394 HOPE. It’s a free help line specializing in young adults 25 and under. They helped me a lot, I didn’t feel like my parents would understand so that’s where I found help.

Second, give yourself permission to be selfish. Do what makes YOU happy. Faverate book? Read it. Favorite song? Favorite movie? play it. Over and over again. Do what it takes to get your troubles to take a back seat so you can enjoy youself.

Third, try (this is tough, but I did it) to take on an optimistic veiw on life. If you really try to look for the silver lining on things, I mean really put effert into it, you will find it. You said you lost your job. You will find a new one, and you can look at it as an opportunity to meet some new friends at your new job.

Anyways, just please talk to someone. Like I said I lost a friend to suicide. She left subtle hints and haveing been there i picked up on them, but she would never open up, she kept it all inside, I whould try to talk to her about it but she would just change the subject. It is so important that you reach out to someone.

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