I hate twilight.

I haven’t seen it, and it’s not the actual movie I hate but I hate the hype it’s created! It’s all I ever hear people talking about! It seems to be amongst the 12-16 year old ‘emo’ kids. A girl was talking about it to me the other day, and when I asked her a bit about it she told me she hadn’t even seen it! how can you love something if you haven’t seen it? and am I the only one who is annoyed by it!?

Answer #1

well I’ve read all the books and seen the movie, and im not obsessed with it or whatever, but it is a good book if you like romances, its something you can really get into because its easy to relate to bella, and its always good to read a love story I rekon, the movies not that good but, the books waaay better. try reading it before you get all hating over it ay

Answer #2

I agree it ux.Its like the author only wrote the book was so that she could create love scenes between bella and edward.I read the first two novels but they sucked.The plot was waaayy too shallow.

Answer #3

opk what about the book most people like it better than the movie give it a try

Answer #4

I hate it too and I did see the movie a few weeks ago I found it to be stupid, rediculouse, and a complete load of crap I certianly dont like all the hype its cretaed either and captainassassin is right now therss all these little girls wanting people to bite them, wanting to become a vampire, ect its pathetic and sad and now theres even more sick, disgusting and disturbing vampire cults then there was before

Answer #5

I agree the books are so much better thn the films but im still addicted to it lol!!! I cant w8 for new moon to come out in england!!! november 20th!!! wooo!!! anywayz, you really shud read the books they are amazin. the 4th ones like 750 pages and I read it in like 1 and a half days! I refused to put it down for mor thn 2 mins at a time lol - ok I admit im a lil bit over-obsessed but I cant help it twilight is gr8!

Answer #6

I read the book when it was new and there was no hype attatched to it. The books were amazing and I really loved them. However, the film could have been made a lot better. Now if you say you like Twilight everyone assumes its for the movie. Give the book a try if you can. It’s actually really good if you block out all the hype. :)

Answer #7

ahaha ashley you hypocrite. ‘keep your opinion to yourself’ to quote you :)

Answer #8

its people opinions wether they like it or not. they dont want you or anybody else sitting here going oh twilights so dumb and gay those kids are pathetic. let the people who like it like it and keep your opinion to your self. how would you like it if someone starting talking bad about the stuff you like? you probaly wouldnt like it very much. im not a fan of Harry Potter like most people are but you dont see me sitting here sayig a bunch of trash about it do you? no you dont. so keep your opnion about it to urself


Answer #9

Exactly!! Before the book even came out…I was drawn to the cover…& thought about reading but just didn’t have the time…So I put it on my to do list. Then a friend of mine began reading it…then The movie came out & she is soo obsessed! I hate it. It’s all about Edward Cullen or whatever…his name is.. is Twilight just another trend??

_< (I wonder if anyone bothered to notice Edward in the Harry Potter Movie…!??)

Answer #10

I also think its weird how people never read the book or watched the movie are already obsessed with it. my friends used to only talk about edward during lunchtime and it drove me nuts.

Answer #11

Oh and if you read it correctly, I am not bashing the movie. What I said annoyed me was the fact that people who haven’t seen it, are obsessed with it as they’re crowd followers and just want to be a part of the current pop culture trends. Maybe you should read the entire question before you go on a little rant?

Answer #12

I didn’t like the movie or the book but you should give it a try. You never know you may like it. And that doesn’t mean you have to get all crazy if you do.

Answer #13

The best part is all the stupid ‘tweenies’ who believe vampires are REAL, or that they ARE a vampire… or worship them like a religion…

It’s beyond pathetic.

Answer #14

nope you aint the only one. I am not liking it either. and I have seen the movie and stopped reading it after like 30 pages into the fist book

Answer #15

I’m annoyed by it too, I mean it’s a great film, one of my faves but it’s just a film! people are way too obsessed

Answer #16

well little trends like this happen every once in a while

itll pass…lol

Answer #17

TWILIGHT is amazin mate don’t diss

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