Am I the only 1 who hates twilight?

Am I the only one who thinks twilight is just some mormons sick wet dream and a total waste of time not to mention a disgrace to literature? Im not dissing the rob are kristen are anything its just that this whole twilight obsession that is going on is getting way way out of control. Did you know that actually started a twilight religion!?

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thanx misskristen101 you read my mind lol…

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:O nope I didnt

anyways I hate it

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use my brain? how the hell do you think I came to hate it in the first place. im not some little efin pree teen who just wants to stand out, I read all the books and seen the first movie and that is why I dont like it, it was uncomfortable to watch it was like watching someones freakin wet dream, and dont get me started on breaking dawn, he practically rapes her, its like soft porn, if I passed out during sex and the guy kept going, and then I woke up with bruises, I would be a little pissed, not ask the guy if he wants to f_ck me again.

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I mean I like twilight but a religion how wierd .. I also think that the vampires in twilight should have fangs I mean how do they break skin ??

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im not even ganna attemp to read the books bc I would get bored.I hate anything having to do with twilight,

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Ewww Hell No I F.ckin Hate Twilight Stupid Shiittt!!! >:/

Answer #9

I agree.I love the history and I study Vampires,Werewolves,Zombies,Witches etc.And I hate how they made Edward too human…I mean,No Fangs?! And they cant do certain things like humans and they just killed it.I know him and his family want to be human,but,the humanity took out allthe fantasy.I read all the books and I forgot that it was a vampire story.But,when I read them all, it just sounded like stories of a teenagers life and love…And Bella’s reactions in the movie? I mean when she found out he was a vampire,she just gasped and approached…I mean if I found out my crush was a vampire,I would have a more Real Reaction.It pisses me off how the obsession has like possessed everybody!!! Its just a book series for crying out loud! I bet if they changed the actor Rob Pattinson to somebody different,I bet the movie would be like any other movie.Sorry if I offend you Twilight lovers,but This is just my opinion…

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I didn’t waste my time reading it because I got the plotline from watching and listening to every fat lonely chick at work. And seeing zordon on youtube with other people (whom I generally hate) squeeling over it made me to believe if this many morons can go this batshit over something it must suck, Robert Pattinson is a dick and looks like a junkie, I generally hate romance novels especially if they feature sappy lines about “hurryou is teh prey and I is teh predator”, and I’ve read a few excerpts and decided going any further into it would make me feel stupid. I’ll stick to reading good stuff that doesn’t serve to make middle aged women wet.

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its ok but I hate how everyones so obsessed with it. my friend made me read the book, some parts were good but some bored me to death !

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I like Vampires and all Paranormal subjects,But I think Twilight killed it..

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Ok, I do like twilight, BUT people are seriously getting OBSESSED and it’s crazy!!! Creepy There’s a difference between you know saying “hey, that was an ok series” and “OMG EDWARD MARRY mE squeals

so yeah, obviously you’re not the only one lol, and as for me, im just tired of all the OCD (obsessive cullen disorder, not my word I swearXD)

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I love twilight but im not obsessed

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omg I havnt even seen the dang movie or even read the book and I hate it!!! because just too much people are like obsessed with the dang movie/book its soo stupid and annoying!!! gosh I hate it!!!

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Your far from the only one. I HATE the movies AND books. They’re insults to all vampire books/films ever made. NONE of the characters are attactive whatsoever. I love vampires but NOT because of that stupid sh*t. I like the TRUE vampire stuff, not the fake ridiculous knock offs like Twilight.

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 hah you made me giggle = P
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I Dont like it. everyones Like obsessed with it now. I dont understand What was so Great About it..

Answer #19

I read all the books so im not just saying I hate it with a blind point of view its just that the plot of the book the main part usually isn’t even till the end of the book are close and its only a small part. I mean the second book was so pointless that I read it twice and barely even remember the point of it. and the rest of the books are so fixated on talking about the amazing beauty of this weird sparkly vamp that the whole plot gets lost.

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I dont hate it, I think she’s a poor author… The concept wasnt bad, but she just wasnt able to make it into anything special

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I do think it is getting WAY out of control. It is a book!!! A piece of literature! Nothing more. I don’t think it is a disgrace to anything. I haven’t read it but the author did put a lot of time and effort into writing and that should be appreciated and isn’t a waste of time if you are interested in it. It is the obsession that is a disgrace and waste of time. The book is what it is, don’t look for deeper meanings and don’t try to make it something that it isn’t.

Although I haven’t heard of the religion, I do think that is quite peculiar. Once again, it is a book. Not a bible or a book of guidance. It is a work of fiction. If that is the case, why don’t we start the Harry Potter religion, or the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants religion.

Answer #22

I just barely watched the movie last week. It’s good, but I think it’s ridiculous how crazy it’s gotten. I mean, there’s twilight hair clips, pencil sharpeners, socks, book bags, shirts, underwear, bumper stickers, pillow cases, twilight erasers ( can you believe that?)etc.

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Nope, in fact I’ve seen more people who dislike the book than like it (that doesn’t really mean anything, however, just my experience).

I’m not a big fan of the book myself. I agree with about it being Meyer’s “wet dream”. Bella is basically Meyer’s self-insertion. The characters are two-dimentional and bland. The character with the most potential would probably be Alice, but it takes forever to actually develop her some because the book is too busy discussing how beautiful/perfect/whatever else Edward is. Bella is a Mary-Sueish and rather pathetic character. And don’t get me started on the sparkling…

Let’s see how long it takes for the crap to be beaten out of me…

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Actually moe214, I can believe that. It is advertising for the movie. They did the same with Star Wars years ago. They did it for the Labyrinth, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and many other popular movies in the past. You’ll see it with other movies as well. They also do it for TV shows (ex. Rugrats, Spongebob, Hannah Montana).

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lol I know the whole pillow case thing creeps me out who would wanna wake up to that I mean really… and its not that I dont respect other peopls opinyon cus I do and just because someone likes it dont mean I dont like them but its really hard to hate something and have to see it everywhere. I mean I cant even count how many times the “what twilight cherector are you” advertisement has popped up on my computer. total downer.

Answer #26

Vampiric appeal is legendary and enduring, from Bram Stoker’s ‘Dracula’ up to the present obsession with ‘Twilight’. It will last until the Next Big Thing comes along. Try not to get too wound up about it, switching off is the best way. I don’t hate it but I don’t have any time for it all the same, and that feels alright. As for being a disgrace to literature, thats a moot point because the age of classic lit. is dead and gone. There is so much stuff around in every genre that it has reached saturation point. I go back to the glorios past, Cervantes, Shakespeare, Dostoyevsky, Dickens for instance, and its amazing. You’ll forget about Twilight in no time if you embrace timeless literature.

Answer #27

hate is such a strong word 4 how lame and boring the movie & book is I tried to read the book and stoped aftr the first chapter and tried to see the movie and stoped aftr the first few mins lol

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