Who else hates twilight?

There’s all those people out there who love them.

Who else hates them with a passion?

Answer #1

I like them personally :)

Answer #2

Twilight is absolutely pointless. It’s annoying how everyone likes it just because of the movie and a hot dude in it. Seriously Robert was way better on Harry Potter. The books came out about 2 years ago and just because the movies was in the making all those 13 year old girls were like drooling over it. It annoys the bloody hell outa me.

Answer #3

I am completely over the series. The books have gotten exponentially worse as series has gone on. Bella is an absolutely ghastly character. With the movie coming out soon, I can’t wait for this to all be over. However, I get the inkling that it’s going to last MUCH longer, which makes me want to bash my head into a wall.

Answer #4

Ha. I think Stephenie has unrealistic thoughts about men and how ‘perfect’ they are. I think she’s venting about how much her own marriage sucks.

Answer #5

I dislike Twilight. The books got lamer and lamer as the series went on, and I hate Bella who is a perfect example of a weak female ( regardless of her becoming a vampire in Breaking Dawn.) Twilight=ew.

Answer #6

haha so what you’re saying is, I need a life because I’m not obsessed with a book about vampires and werewolves?

yeah that makes sense

Answer #7

definitely. I liked it before anyone else did. and now I’m just over it and everyone else is like omg it’s so good!! I love edward!! I’m like dude…get a life

Answer #8

ha. me! I’ve’e hated it from the beginning it’s so freaking stupid. that’s a horrible view on vampires and even stephen king hates it.

Answer #9

I HATE BELLA. I mean, if someone gives you a present, normal people, even retarded people accept them. I mean, who hasn’t gotten a neckalace for their birthday, or a car, or osmething else rediculously expensive and NOT like it? You’re right, she is weak. And Edward is a retard.

Answer #10

Omg me! Stephanie meyers has unleashed evil on this world with her tribes of mindless teenage girls screaming “oh my god edward ‘ees well fit, innit though” and “bella’s like my idol and that, though, I can well, like, identify with her and stuff ‘because, like she’s got no mind of her own and neither have I, though, innit” haha

Answer #11

Its like a Grimms fairy tale and superstition meshed together.

Bella-The beautiful,weak,fragile female like those stupid princesses

Edward-Mr.Perfect I-can-do-anything

  Its sexist.
Answer #12

haha Darn right maggie. I know what you mean. I am tired of hearing about it too

Answer #13

lmao. I so so so so agree!! I can NOT wait for this craze to be over.

Answer #14

The books are doing quite a bit of damage. I dislike them greatly for this reason.

Answer #15

I hate them. they’re awful.

Answer #16


Answer #17

omg I soo agree. bella makes girls look bad.

Answer #18

who could ever hate them??? if you hate them then you need a life srry to say

Answer #19

see I’ve not read the book, just watched the film a couple of times and theres so many flaws in it..first off its too much like the buffy angel story…but even more over dramatic,

the bella character is over acting her facial expressions are very off putting.

vampires shouldnt show up in cameras or be able to go out in daylight at all, and they get to take so much time off school when its sunny weather…wow I bet my kids wish they were vamps lol

its just all too…yeah were blood sucking vamps but we love people really..maybe they have been chipped like spike in buffy…

Answer #20

i totally agreee, its very boring to me. i dont like anything about it. i was always confused why people liked it soo much?

Answer #21

im going to add to my post here and say now ive read the books and they are awsome, that the films are now even more irritating..shame

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