I don't eat fruit or vegetables

I don’t eat fruit or vegetables. (none at all…) (I’m completely honest here) are there anybody that has the same situation as me? and are there some advice you can give me? (like which fruit / vegetable I can try eating first?) But please no degrading comments! Thanks =)

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Im a veggie girl. Dont eat apple, watermelon and bannana (especially bannana) but I love me veggies. Try corn on a cob, peas, brocholli and carrot. Steamed, not fried,

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Drink fruit smoothies, as that can incorporate a lot of fruit into your diet. One of the people I met on holiday had the same problem as you, and thats what their doctor reccomended. I know, weird thing to talk about on holiday… but we were bored. An apple a day keeps the doctor away! Recent research has shown us that apples have more anti-oxidants than any other fruits and may help to prevent cancer! I think those facts are right- it’s what I heard on the news. Hope this helps, Britz

Answer #4

Try drinking V8. It’s a very good drink. It has fruits and veggies and the new kinds have more of a fruit taste but still have veggies in them. If you want to try fruits and veggies raw, try slicing oranges(very delicious!) or have apples with peanut butter. For veggies listen to pinkpearl. Corn on the Cob is the most eaten veggie because of its sweet taste(especially here in Iowa:)) If you have trouble with any of these things, think about talking to a nutrionist. Good Luck!

Answer #5

Start with raw vegetables like carrots — to make them more appealing, cut them lengthways into 4, then soak them in water overnight, or for a few hours. It makes them much crispier and easier to eat.

Then try cooked broccoli and cooked green beans, but don’t overcook. 5 mins should do it, drain water and drizzle wih oil and a few smashed garlic cloves. Add salt, delicious.

Corn on the cob — great excuse for eating huge quantities of butter and salt :)

Then you can eat corn niblets, frozen or canned, they taste almost like fresh.

Now don’t go overboard on fruit and veg if you’ve never eaten them. Slowly get them into your diet, otherwise all that fiber will start going through your bowels quickly, so don’t suddenly go on an all veg diet!



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apples are good cutt in thin slices. oranges and grapes are like candy but hydrating. Bannanas are good if you work out a lot or put your body through any stress like pregnancy. as for vegatables Id go with salad and always get lettuce and tomato on burgers and sandwiches. soon you will enjoy the hydrating benefits and appreciate the vitamins and how good they make you feel. oh and V8 splash is the bomb.

Answer #7

hi there, I also don’t eat any fruits or vegitables, but for me its because I have an immence allergic sensitivity to many of them, but I am slowly being weened onto certain fruits for health’s sake. you should try what they first gave me to try, start out with berries (specifically blueberries) then go onto soft fruits and do whatever you want from there, its all tasty

Answer #8

Bananas, Apples, and Carrots.

Answer #9

ooo I hate them 2!! I started out with strawberrys and broc w/ chesse!! try it[=

Answer #10

mangos, strawberries, tomatos, pinapples, potatos are all really nice

Answer #11

umm well, I think you should mix bananas and strawberries together! its really good (:

Answer #12

I dont eat any fruits or veggies either. but I usually drink V8 fuisions, because they have a full serving of fruits and veggies. but start with oranges and mango and stuff like that.

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