Do you eat mostly organic vegetables and fruits?

We’ve been trying to buy mostly organic vegetables and fruits…but, not always. I find that they taste better (imho) and the bananas we’ve had especially last longer on the table than the ‘regular’ bananas. Do you have a preference or do you just buy what’s cheapest?

Answer #1

I buy orgaic, I don’t want all those pestacides and things on my food, it doesn’t matter if I wud have to wash them I think it can seep into the food, and ur rite (imha) about the taste and lasting longer :-)

Answer #2

Ooops (imho) sorry

Answer #3

I.t.o buying we buy non-organic as they are much cheaper than organic, sometimes even up to 10 times. My boyfriend and I are however busy growing our own vegetable and herb garden so that we can eat organic. I do believe that it is much healthier.

Answer #4

I just eat what is put in front of me. I was visiting my uncle who lives next to a cherry orchard that is “organic” but every night they sprayed something on the trees. My uncle explained that they use natural and organic pesticides, hence they are certified organic fruit. He also told me that cyanide is an organic substance…. it got me thinking.

Answer #5

It depends really. I tend to prefer more organic things, but being a broke university student often means that what’s cheaper comes first. The price difference is a little too much for me sometimes. Overall though, the idea of eating vegetables or fruit that isn’t entirely organic doesn’t unsettle me too much.

Answer #6

What does organic really mean? So I grow a tomato! I don’t use chemicals. Maybe I use compost consisting of leftovers an trimmings from grass and leaves. Then I would have to make sure that those leftovers and trimmings are organic too. So the leftovers should be organic and free of chemicals. The grass that the trimmings came from should not be sprayed with chemicals as well. Ok I am confused now. So I go to the store and get organic fertiliser that probably went through the strict process I was too lazy to go through. So now their is now way to know for sure that they did that except for a little label on the bag that says “organic”. Do I trust that label? I don’t know seeing that I am looking to eat organic because I probably don’t trust the FDA label. Confused yet? So am I! So I just end up eating fruit and vegetables that are priced right. If organic is cheaper I will eat it.

Answer #7

no never… i like my potatoes to have a tatse

Answer #8

I like to buy organic but it gets expensive. I don’t always buy organic but I’d guess that more than half of the produce I purchase is organic so my answer would be yes.

Answer #9

I don’t as much as I would like. Definately not most. In the summer and fall I tend to get more organic vegetables, because there are a few organic farms not too far from where I live.

Answer #10

When something is labeled organic, it must be certified as being grown organic. It is more of a legal distinction than anything. If you are growing your own and not using any pesiticide/herbacide, I would say you are OK.

Answer #11

I dont care. Except whole foods fruit just tastes better, so I’ll go get fruit from there. My vegetables are all canned.

Answer #12

Im sorry. Organic foods… where to start. there is no big difference besides taste and how long they last. no matter what a vegetable or fruit thats is organic hopefully isnt the only thing you are eating. i dislike organic foods because of the cost. if they were the same price i’d pick whichever looks better to eat. I play football. I eat pasta vegtables meat. everything. i rarely work out. hmm and i still wonder why i can squat 365 pounds. hmmm got me thinking. maybe its all of the non working out and more playing i do. but no. if you eat the right foods and simply stay in shape by going outside for a walk. or getting on your bike for a bike ride you will be fit. i DO NOT see where organic foods help or dont help. they are the same if u eat a balanced diet. get off the fact that they are better for you because simply its not what exactly you eat but its what you eat in general.

Answer #13

Fun, true story: I ate way too much vegetables overseas for a few weeks. I got incredibly sick and had a disgusting growth on my throat from the pesticide residue…luckily, the US has programs that prevent that much quantity as well as strict regulations on pesticides. But in other parts of the world…it’s playing russion roulette with your health if you eat too many ‘normal’ fruits and vegetables.

Answer #14

Josh, Eating organic foods over non-organic foods is about how and what is used to grow it. And the affects of eating non-organic food are long term, not something you can see happening. It is about keeping chemicals and such from getting into your system. Yes, if you eat the right foods, organic or not, you will be fit. But by eating organic, you might be avoiding serious illness in the future, like cancer. And many times the organic foods do taste better. Have you ever had organic eggs from free range hens that are not force fed corn and eat grass and bugs? The yolks are a bright yellow, the whites are completely clear and they definitely taste better. Regular eggs yolks are a dull yellow and the whites are opaque and they taste bland.

Answer #15

ive had organic foods. yes they do taste good. but i dunno i dont see the long term effects killing anyone at the age of 80-90 like its for other reasons. If you eat right you should be fine with whatever eating these non organic foods can do to you.

Answer #16

While I agree that eating right is most important, the food industry in the US is terrible. There is a great book called the Omnivore’s Dilemma. It will change your whole outlook on food. I think there is a direct link between the rise of cancer and other disease and the way our food is grown and raised.

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