this girl that is bullying me!

I cant stand it!!! Every fukin day! She is in all of my classes… I have alread cried for like 2 hours tonight.. But now I am just pissed off I cant talk to anyone about it! Because she will just get more pissed off at me! She always make fun of the way I look talk act. Today she told me I was the “ ugliest bith alive and that she hated me so much “ … Omg how do I stop this!! I cut myself becasue of her! Who can I talk to?

Answer #1

she needs to stop. if she is pushing you to self-mutilation, then you need to tell your Homeroom teacher. but, I think she’s just jealous of you. trust me, almost 99.9% of the time they are.

Answer #2

Well She Is A Low Life Have You Tried Going To The Counciller? If Shes Making You Do This I Recommend You Do

xxx Mary

Answer #3

This sounds like a situation where ignoring the person is no longer an option. You’re going to have to tell someone what is going on. School can be miserable enough without bullying too. Don’t listen to those people who would call you a snitch, grass or tell-tale. It will only stop if someone senior is there to put an end to it. And if the girl gets nasty again, keep talking to people. Eventually she will be sick of always getting into trouble and will choose to leave you alone. And if you tell someone and they don’t listen at first, tell them again and again until they help you. You have every right as a human being to tell people when you are suffering. It helped for me and it can help with you too. Dont give up or give in. Just keep talking and you should get all the help you need. Good luck. <3

Answer #4

Bullies don’t stop until you stand up to them. They feed off of your fear. I knew this ever since I was a little girl. I had fear but I didn’t show it. I talked back and if I had to punch or kick back. Fine. They stopped their bullying. So don’t show fear. You hurt yourself more cutting than this girl could do to you. So just yell back or call her what she calls you back! Don’t let fear take over! Get Mad. Love, Mama K

Answer #5

I deff been in your situation before, but didnt cut myself. What I did was just mainly ignore her and kept talking myself that nomore what someone said to me, I was beautiful and special. What I also learn is that sometimes people who bully are just jealous of u. Also, like kristinxxx said, at least tell someone you trust. Let them know what’s going on and you are sad and miserable. It helps. DONT CUT YOURSELF!!! It never works!!! It only makes matters worse. Also, try to stand up for yourself. She been pissing you off, so tell her that you are tired of her crap and stuff like that, but dont make the matter even worse. Good luck and I hope I helped!

Answer #6

you are letting her win, ignore her and who cares what her opinion is. What does her words really mean anyway. School is very challening and it is what you make of it. Don’t allow her to be a step head of you. She just wants a reaction from you and you are giving it to her. If you want to say anything. Tell her “ I hope it makes you feel better, look more beautiful and helps you sleep better at night knowing what a b*tch you are” and walk away. Don’t waste your life on her. when you get out of school and look back, none of it really matters other then your education.

Answer #7

I would honestly just go up to her and make a scene BIG TIME

so you can get the attention of everyone and but the b*tch on the spot.

tell her, “you want to it, go ahead. kick my *ss. that’s what you want dont you? you want to make me cry? you want to feel better about yourself? you want to do something to me that your too afraid of doing it to the one to begin with?”

put her on the spot. see what happens.

though I’m not promoting you to fight

Answer #8

well, I know what you’re going through. I went through that all four years of high school. it seems that no one understands, especially the adults. I learned to view myself as the better person because I never picked on anyone. if yoiu need to talk to someone about it, let me know. it’s a terrible thing you’re going through, but talking about it with someone that understands. hang in there, Chica! :)

Answer #9

Do you have any close friends you can talk to about it? I would suggest to stand up to that b!tch and tell her off. I mean, dont let her get to you. And if you stand up to her, she will know who not to fuccc*k with anymore.

Show her that you’re not afraid of her, and she will most likely move on. I was the same way until I started fighting back, now most b!tches talk sh!t but dont back it up.

hope I helped?

Answer #10

have you tried ringing child line? and did you tell your friends? I would definitly tell my friends because their different to teachers and parents.they wont tell. or you could tell a teacher and if it is said to her she will back of .thats what happens a lot of the time. but honestly I wouldnt cut urself because that means shes winning. or stand up to her ! sometimes these people need to be put in their place and they think they can say anything to you because they know you wont say anything back to them.does she have her gang with her all the time?or is it just her bullying u ?

Answer #11

F*ck agnoring beat th eshit out of her

Answer #12

Every one in life won’t like you deal wit it. I know how you feel

Answer #13

just tell her…AT LEAST I DON OPEN MY LEGS TO EVERY GUY I SEE..SLUT!…or you can just tell the teacher

Answer #14

I know but ignoring this shi* isent ganna work.. I tried that it makes me dpressed so I have to cut myself! and if I do tell her ooff… it makes matters worse! and she always wins the fight!

Answer #15

tell the principal and your parents or guardian about it.

Answer #16

‘’Kill’’ is a strong word. Before you do something that you’’ll regret, think about it. If you try to get revenge, the bullying will get worse. or She’ll rat you out, trying to look like the good, innocent person that she isn’t. I would tell the dean. And don’t let anyone make you feel so down or let them cut yourself. You know yourself that you’re better than that.

you can also give her the”im so inosent and I just want to be your friend” cr*ap. it works most of the time. or when she starts to pick a fight, act like youre ignoring her, she’s invisible, and automatically start talking to someone else.

Answer #17

I got bullied once, theyd follow me and pin me up in da corner, and beat me up and my sis had a knife held 2 her throat once. the bullies would turn every1 against me, every summer hols for about 5 years. I’d cry my self 2 sleep evry night when it was cumin up 2 summer. my sis stood up 2 her bullies but I couldnt. my mum got pis*ed off wiv thm, and made me join up a martial arts. I nw do kickboxin, and im going 4 my last belt. it was ages until an adult found out, but once they did it stoped after the 5th time. I didnt even move schools. som of the bullies are nw my best friends. we never talk about it.

I know you find it easier to self harm, and it only makes you worse when people tell you 2 stop. I know bcoz im a recovering emo. but always try 2 think positive. if you feel like self harming, instead get a note pad and rip it to shreads and take all your anger out on that. or 2 distracted your self write a song, poem, or a story, or you could even draw!

if you have any friends, try 2 hang out wiv thm all da time. try 2 get into a crowd, hopefully som of em will stick up 4 u. if none of the stuff works, then try 2 get da teacher 2 over hear it all, or turn it into a game. see wot da nastyiest comeback you cn diliver is. if you get her to shut up you score 100 points, and each come back that she has 2 think on, you get 50 points. try 2 score 1000 points at da end of the week, and reward your self wiv a made up prize, I dunno… your fav choco bar???

please try not 2 self harm, my best m8s boy friend, self harmd, one day he cut to deep and NEARLY DIED!!! he wos in hospital 4 a lil while. just remember SSSMMMIIILLLEEE!!!

dont worry she’ll get wots cumin 4 her soon.

Answer #18

I know its not easy..but IGNORE it.. IGNORE her bullsh!t.. DONT listen to it.. LAUGH it off.. beleive me she’ll fall for it get over it and leave you alone.

but you got to be persistant dont let it show that it gets to you. and hunny pleez stop cuttin..its not making ANYTHING any better and its not makin her stop either.

Answer #19

I help a lot of girls deal with this. She wants a reaction from you that you are giving her. Talk to people about it and look for support from friends. If you can get support from a close friend (male) he probably has dealt with this before and should know what to do.

Answer #20

OMG!!! she is a btc*! she siad she hates you so much, well you tell her “I hate you more then you hate me! your full of crap, go home Fk yourself. Your the fckn reason why this economy is sooo BAD…

kay dont say the last part. well its optional.

dont cut yourself just because of her, she is just jealose of you. She is doing this to you because she is living a bad life, she just wants to take it all on you.. because your better then her.

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