I am getting bullied and can't handel it anymore

about a month ago 2 of my friends had a big fight and we split up (boys vs. girls) it got pretty bad and my friend stop talking to my other friend and mean things were said so I stood up for her but it turns out that they became friends again and thses boys have decied to bully me because I stood up for my other friend. at friest it wasn;t bad you know just a few mean things wich I would always think of a comeback for. but now they knestly hate me they created the hate me mellinum and a club where they talk about what a stuck up biatch I am (which im not) the more they did worse I felt till they really did it I ran away from class I coulnd take it anymore now I’m an emotinal reck I can’t speack to them without screaming or yelling back at them and running off and crying I can’t sleep anymore and the more I get upset the worse they bully me the more I try to block them out the more I get upset. please help me before I do somthing I’ll really regret or worse.

Answer #1

Is there a guidence teacher you can talk to?

Answer #2

Best thing to do is to ignore them. To me telling a teacher wont help a damn thing. It seems like the teachers now in this generation dont care much about weight, such as they expect kids our age to be healthy. I’am currently in Middle school, yes I get bulied due to the fact of my weight. Have I ever cried? Yes. I dont like to tell teachers, because it just makes the issue even bigger, then the bullies think you’re “tattleing”.I havent told my parents, and I never will. Just stay strong. Just think of it this way, usually the bullies dont get life as easy. Maybe there having family problems with divorce,abusement, or drinking problems.Thats why the bullies tease others to feel good about them self, and think there better then you, but the truth is, you’re much better then them. Just ignore them and just chat with friends to ignore them. They bullies will evantually get fustruated of the lackness of attention.Think of them as little children. They want their way on everything. I guess informing an cousoler would help, but teachers wont do a thing. Parents may, but they just get on my nerves. Feeling pity on you, thats not what you need at the moment, you need advice and to gain courage from them (: Hope this helpedd

Answer #3

you online? we need to chat!

Answer #4

I used to feel the exact same way as you do. Don’t stress about it too much. Try telling a teacher after school hours or while the bullies arent watching you. I did this and it worked. I highly reccommend it

Answer #5

i use to get bullied on my last year of middle school. look the best u could do is tell some one because in front a of a grown up every thing is better. i use to cry too i missed lunch and cryed in the bathroom for half an hour and i didnt feel good i hated myself for not being strong enogh to get back at them but one day i got sent to the ofice cause i had a nervous attack and i told a counselor and i talked to the girls and said what had happen and trust me there is always some one who starts a group buling. dont worry about getting called a snitch because u had the corege to stand up from were u were sitting. i dont get bullied any more and im fine with the intimidators.

Answer #6

I am getting bulied. Over 7 girls ganged up on me and my friends bilionds of times! I try to tell a teacher but it dont work!!!

Answer #7

Here’s tons of info…..I hope you find some to help you…..Good Luck !!


Answer #8

All Im Going 2 Say Is IT TAKES A BIGGER PERSON 2 WALK AWAY! Good Luck x

Answer #9

I use 2 Get Bullied In Secoundey Skl(Am Still In Seconrey skl) Becus I Wos Over Weight I Still Am, The Best Fing 2 Do Iz Try And Ingnore Dem Maybee Tel The bullyin Canclor Or, Tell Ur Head Of Year, I Dont Get Bullied Any mre Onli The Few Now And Dens But I just Go Yu Wanna Shut Ur gob Do Yu Wont APunch And Thay Seam 2 Bak Of…There This Boi At My Skl, Eveyr 1 Bulley Him Me And Ma mate Got Done 4 Sumfink And We Wos Laughin At The Teacher(well iw osnt) i wos actin senserble i got away wif the letter home and maybee an excluedstiont he teacher sed “ try suportin him we chud chnage his life around” and since da iv bean stikin up 4 im Maybee Yu Chud Talk2 A Mate About Ur Problem…Ir Ur Teacher

Answer #10

I hate to bring you bad news but I have personaly tried everything. You need to try to stay away from them. But dont let them stop what you want to do. They are not in control of you you are. I have had kids stand up in the front of the class and bully me and the teachers bang their heads on the desk. Teachers are teachers not guidence counslers. I just would try to ignore untill it gets physical then tell the principal or the police. Trust me those two make bullies crap their pants

Answer #11

I hate to say this, but ignoring the bullies is not an option any more. They have created a club against you, which means they want to hurt you any way they can. People have made hate-mail websites, which is illegal in some places, and this is the same sort of thing. You have to tell as many people as you can in order to get the help you need. Don’t let them get far enough to physically attack you or make you want to kill yourself. Self-defence is okay too, although try not to use objects against them if you can help it. Shouting and screaming at them just makes you feel more threatened and unstable, so I would advise trying something else for your anger, even if you wait until they are gone before yelling, that would be a good start. But most importantly, TELL SOMEONE what you are going through before it’s too late. Good luck and god bless. <3

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