I am a veggie, advice me some protein supplement

hey…hi…I am a really gud athlete(track and field) , but 2 years back due to some reasons , I just turned into a complete vegetarian even quit eating eggs…is there any other supplement or food that is equivalent to eggs and fish in terms of protein…please do advice..thnx

Answer #1

Eat a varied diet of healthy foods and you will get all the protein you require.

Eat your whole grains, legumes, potatoes, and vegetables and you won’t have any problem.

Carl Lewis who won 10 olympic medals was a vegan at the peak of his career. The only kind of supplimentation he did was drinking extra fruit juice (24-32 oz/day).

Answer #2

well you can get fake chicken burgers.. the ones I get are by a brand called Morningstar and the product is called “Morningstar Parmesan Chik Patties.” it’s in a green box in the frozen food section at most grocery stores. it has twice the protein and half the fat of eating regular chicken. it actually tastes really good, even my non-vegetarian friends buy it for themselves ever since I let them taste it at my house. and check out other morningstar vegetarian products too, they have a whole bunch of other good stuff with tons of protein.. just the parmesan chik patties are my personal favorite :D

Answer #3

congrats on being vegetarian it one of the best ways to helpt he envioment, animals and your own overalle health

ok so proten is very inportant and you can get it many ways. First of all you must take a B12 suplement which is can only be found in meat and fish. ONe a day is good but as well as this you must eat lots of soy, peanuts (mmm peanut butter)legumes, veggie burgers and brown rice (white rice does not have proetin)

also soy milk has lots of protein in just one cup!! regular milk also has lots but I would choose soy since its a lot better for you!!

Answer #4

Soy milk, almonds and peanut butter were my favorite protein sources when I opted for a healthy vegetarian diet.

Answer #5

UH I think soya is a good supplement for fish and other proteins.

Hope I helped!

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