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Alright, I’m really struggling with a decision right now. I have Kurt Warner (QB ARI) and Byron Leftwich (QB TB) on my fantasy football team and I’m struggling with who to put on active and who to put on reserve for this weekend. ARI plays IND and TB plays NYG.

Kurt Warner’s stats: Byron Leftwich: POS Rank: 12 6 Pa ATT: 70 91 PaCMP: 50 51 PaYd: 531 yd 572 yd PaInt: 2 2 PaTD: 2 4 RuTD: 0 0 FPTS: 34 42

So who do you think I should play??? Any input would be fantastic!

Answer #1

I think I’m going to take Leftwich because I checked this morning and Kurt Warner has a “shoulder injury and probable for week 3.” And 2 of my running backs are injured at the moment which is lame. So now I have to figure out what I’m going to do with them. Oh well…

I kicked butt last week =]

Answer #2

I don’t know you might pick leftwich because NY will most likely not have Justin Tuck and another D-lineman cant remember name lol but the colts are 1st in the leauge in passing yards alowed and dont allow many points and the giants are 4th in the league for passing yards but allow quite a few points…it tough to say though because of the recievers in ARI but I would take leftwich..btw your the first girl I’ve seen that plays Fantasy football lol

Answer #3

Kurt Warner.Tampa’s to weak for NYG defense

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