How to treat comupsive eating disorder?

I'm a seventeen year old girl and this is my first year at college. I live alone.
I know for a fact I suffer fomr binge eating
I eat an enormous amount of food even if I'm not hungry. I feel disgusted after it and depressed
Ever since I moved out of my parents house and went to college (( at a different city)) I gained 15 pounds and my sleeping habits changed majorly. I sleep way too much as I am always tired

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The hard part about food is that unlike anything else, you cannot simply abstain. So you really have to learn to cope in other ways, and figure out why you're binge eating. There's different approaches to it. I have difficulties with it myself. It's hard to stick to a 5 meal a day plan especially if the first meal sets you off on the binge. But it seems to be backed up by the experts. The idea is to get away from food after a normal sized meal. Consider going into your school counseling center. Most universities have a health center with nutrition information. I could be wrong (but I doubt it), you're probably quite isolated? You're going to need to get out there and meet some people. As scary as that is. I would suggest a therapist to help you out. I graduated school at 16 and started college in a different country when I turned 17. It's hard and it's lonely. My first year was hell. Things can get better. But you need to work at it.
This isnt something I necessarily believe in. And so I cant personally recommend it. But I cant not give you information just because I dont believe in it. Overeaters Anonymous. They're everywhere and you could probably find a meeting if you were interested. I have my philosophical differences with the place, but I do know that some people have been helped by it and it works for some people.

It's really not ok to eat when you're not hungry... even if it is a healthy snack. There are many binge eaters that binge on so called healthy foods like cereal. I know your heart is in the right place, and most of the information you have provided is accurate (such as small meals, not purging, and emotional eating), but some of it isnt.

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ok well, its okay to eat when your not hungry like if your snacking, or bored if you eat a healthy snack. there are lots of people who call themselves "emotional eaters" they dont use drugs or alcohol, instead they eat to feel better. If this is you, then you need a distraction, beware of gaining weight . However there is hope.. If your not throwing up your not damaging your throat. If you eat heavy foods you will be sleepier. like comfort foods . So if you eat more times a day in smaller portions and don't eat at least 2 hrs before you sleep you should be okay . Some foods you wouldn't think are healthy ...pork skins, nuts, granola bars, cereal, meats and cheeses, and peanut butter. good luck


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