How to train a 9 month old puppy pitbull

How do I get a puppy pitbull to listen and understand what im saying.?

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Nine months really isn't a bad age for training...there is no truth that "old dogs cannot learn new tricks"...A Pit at 9 months is still a puppy...a teenager.

Patience, consistency, and fairness are the bottom line factors in ALL dog training, from very tiny puppies to old dogs.

Working with your puppy is something you must do every day...even when you have other things you'd rather do...The best way to get his "head" thinking about you...him listening TO you, is to start with basic obedience. It's from the basics that everything else you ever train your dog to do, will flow. Dogs learn on a "building block" system...Teach to sit...from there to Down...from there to stay (when you are 1 foot away, then 2 feet, then 5 feet, 10 feet...for 30 seconds, to 1 minute, to 5 minutes, to 10 minutes)...see where I'm going? One block building upon the other. When one stage is perfected, you move to the next. Never work your puppy more than 15 minutes at one time...but you can do 3 or 4, 15 minute sessions in a day. The ALL IMPORTANT command to "COME" harder to teach at this age...I'm sure he's very easily distracted. For training, the only real equipment you need is a long line (25 foot nylon cord...big enough to handle your dog...and a snap to attach to the cord)...Because Pits are so strong in the forequarters, I'd use a prong collar...I consider them a "hearing aid"...there is no need for us humans to put pressure on these type collars, as the dog will do that himself. Another little piece of equipment I'd have, with a strong gloves... :)

The "part" of all this training you can't see?...During the time you're teaching this basic stuff... your pup is "learning" to listen to're building inroads in his brain...Dogs who have been Super-trained (like Police K9's, Military dogs, Show obedience, etc), will physically look to his handler for "direction", before ever making a decision on his own.

The techniques used to start this process can easily be learned at an obedience class...just look in the paper or on the internet for classes near you. Not only do you learn SO MUCH about how to train your dog...your dog gets the extra benefits of socialization with strange dogs and strange people...Invaluable if you have gladiator type breed (Pitbulls, German Sheperds, Rotties, Dobermans, etc)

Good luck...


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uh well I work at a shelter with LOTS of pitbulls~old and young and we start training when they first come in~ unless they are like a day old but thats pretty obviously lol well, good luck with the training!

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9 months is pretty late to start it's training. Puppies require discipline from the very start.

It can still be trained, but it's going to require persistence and patience. Make sure you are using clear, short commands and following bad behaviour with discipline and good behaviour with praise.

It'll take a little more time than if your puppy were younger, but keep it up - it will eventually all come together.

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well puppys are just like babies, is he house trained?? you only want to teach them one new thing at a time.I have been traing animals for 21 years. once you learn the basics it's easy..get back to me and let me know what you want to start with. it's hard to tell you what to do ,as I don't know where you are in his e-mail is just let me know if you still need help.

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