How to not troll bait or flame baiting?

I like to talk polotics and music but I know that polotics can get argumentive or insight emotion. Im trying to avoid controversal things so I dont cause a argument in polotics. I dont want to sound like I want debates but I just want sometimes peoples replies to certain topics. Im not sure if thats asking for advice but in a way it is I like to see the diverse opinion pertaining to certain subjects. It helps me develop my views so in a way it is a asking for advice.

Well anyway any tips on things to avoid when talking polotics and how to avoid sounding like a rantter or causing ruccuss?

I like this site already responses are fast but im trying to take it slow in polotics to avoid breaking terms or doing something that could get me banned but in general I want to know how to ask questions or best ways to approach topics that might be sensitive and keep it to advice and not making this a debate thing because its suppose to be advice

Answer #1

There’s a difference between someone who is having a discussion or a debate, and someone who is simply saying outrageous things in order to provoke people… It’s one of those when you see it you know it type of things… So as long as you’re not here just to stir things up and upset other people, you wont be troll or flame baiting…

Answer #2

Well, I got to say that before you get into a sensitive argument or debate, you have to know your facts before stating your opinion. If you don’t, then it might seem that your input of personal opinion is largely biased, ignorant, and unsupported by any evidence.

Honestly, I’d just try and stay away from these debates as much as I can :P

Answer #3

Be polite, don’t use made up “facts” or invent information, treat others as you would be treated, etc.

My rule of thumb: suppose the discussion was in person, and among friends. Think about that, and then act that way…well, as long as you & your friends get along well, I mean :)

Hope that helps. If in doubt, we’ll let you know, and we never remove people without warning, etc, and if you see anything over the line, feel free to use the “report abuse” link to bring it to our attention.

Answer #4

Thank you for the responses this really helps me thank you

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