Deleted question

How come when I posted a Homework question it got deleted, but then I see some people trying to get help on Funadvice clearly saying they need help with their homework and it didn’t get deleted! How come mine did?

Answer #1

it depends what exactly you were asking we can help explain what something means but we cant answer anything for you, or give you the answers to homework related questions, because besically you would be cheating

Answer #2

Well it was just a simple question related to the UN security council not everything…

Answer #3

You can ask for help, as in explanations, but you can’t ask us to do your homework for you.

Answer #4


Answer #5

Some types of questions are not permitted

  1. Anything related to suicide will be deleted.
  2. Any commercial solicitation will be deleted, this includes questions where the intent is to direct somebody to a third party website, friend requests, and related activity geared towards enticing people to go elsewhere.
  3. Anything related to hurtful behavior may be deleted, in our sole discretion, if the person who signs up seems to persist in trying to harm themselves.
  4. Anything related to hacking websites or programs may be deleted at our sole discretion, depending on the nature of the question.
  5. Anything related to acquiring bots or macros to generate online currency will be deleted.
  6. Overly obscene, graphic, or bordering on profane may be deleted in our sole discretion.
  7. Crude, rude, or obnoxious behavior, questions, comments or other content may result in said content being deleted, and or you account being deleted, at our discretion.
  8. If you copy and paste your homework, verbatim, we will delete your question. However, help with homework is fine, just copying and pasting homework questions are not ok. A FunAdvice Advisor may delete your question if all you’re looking for is the answer to the question, and not help understanding the question.
  9. If your question has a link in it, we will remove it, unless it’s a link to another part of FunAdvice.
  10. If you post the same question multiple times, we will remove all duplicates. Please only ask a question once.
  11. Anything that is deemed ‘trolling’, “troll baiting” or ‘flame-baiting’ by administrators or advisors will be deleted. This includes the posting of controversial messages with the intention of baiting other users into an emotional or argumentative response.
  12. Questions stating Can I chat, talk to me, phone numbers, etc, will be removed. We do not allow am I hot, rate my photos, how old do I look, send me an email questions OR answers - use the other site features for interpersonal communication or exchanging contact information.
  13. Prayer requests, regardless of religion, will be removed.
  14. Any content that is considered offensive to the FunAdvice community, such as racism, bigotry, religious intolerance, hate speech or physical threats against any group or individual will be deleted.
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