How do i make my breasts grow bigger?

how can I make my breasts grow bigger? someone told me to not wear a bra as much as possible.

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If you are a teenager, im sure you are still developing. Your breasts will grow as big as your genes will allow. If your family is small chested you are likely to be the same. If your family have big breasts then you will probably get them once you are done developing. Be patient. The not wearing a bra thing is proposterous (not true). Wear a supportive bra that fits well and does not squish them flat, remember to get measured at the dept store or victoria secret every 6 months. A good bra will make a difference.

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your still developing, and your breasts grow on their own time, you can't make them grow any faster than what they already do
if you want them to look bigger you can use padded bras and push up bras,

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You can't make your breasts grow. You can use push up bras, gelled bras and chicken fillets to make them appear bigger but not actually make them bigger.

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No, this is not true...actually by not wearing a bra can cause your boobs to become saggy...they need the support! And if your still young you should just wait...they'll come eventually.

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Chicken fillets?! I've never heard of that one. Maybe I'll try it...

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Yup. What greenmonkey said.

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Actually, not wearing a bra can break down the tissue, make them sag, and eventually make them appear even less big.

Wear a supportive bra, possibly a padded or push-up. Don't worry about your breast size. People shouldn't like you for your bra size.

Go shopping for a cute bra!

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