How do you make your breasts look bigger?

how do you make your breasts look bigger??? stupid question lolz but ide like to know

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get a padded, push up bra. or one of those water ones.

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lol and fyi if you dont no dont answer lol dont mean to be rude

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push up bra, or you can put a few tissues in your bra, or a lot, lolz

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Implants, or gain 100 pounds. xD

nipple on my breast is a little bigger than it suppose 2 b

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well you can wear a water braidk what they are but my sister uses them and she is flat chested

How can I make my breasts bigger?
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I wheir a push up bra but it wont work...I wear a B so im not flat I just want them to look big lolz

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Push up bra.

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PushUp Bra, baby!
They're fantastic!

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Pushup Bra's :)

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