How to make friends at a new school

I just switched schools and im in 11th grade. I know only 3 or 4 people, but I never see them because there are so many people at my new school! I don’t know anyone in my classes or in my lunch. I’ve been in school for 2 weeks and I still haven’t made any friends. At lunch, I tried going up to people and sitting next to them. When I ask if I can sit with people they say yes, but then nobody talks to me the entire time. So after a few tries I got tired of just sitting there, so now I just go to the library. I’m going to join some clubs but they don’t start for a few weeks so what can I do until then?

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hEY IM going throught the same thing too im new this school and I talk to people in class and everything but when it comes to luch I dont knwo what to

your not the only one

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welll; if they dont talk to you then why dont you just bring up a conversation ?

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well I tried asking to sit with people in my classes at lunch and they said sure but then nobody talked to me the entire time and I just felt like the annoying tagalong. If you have the same problem where do you sit at lunch? btw thanks for all the advice so far!!

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Hope this helps:

Don’t be shy! This is easier said than done for many people but it is essential. Even if you are painfully shy by nature you are in a new environment and nobody at your new school know about your shyness. So put on a big smile and start out by being friendly to everybody you see. Introduce yourself to people when you find a seat in class. Sit down in a place where you feel comfortable (yes, the back of the class is OK) and make a point if saying hello to the people sitting near. A good opening line; “Hi, my name is Joe and I’m new here. Do you know, is this teacher any good?” Find your niche group. Look for the type of people you were friends with in your old school and approach them. Ask if you can join them for lunch or during class look to pair up with somebody from that group. Believe it or not the majority of teens are more than happy to make a new friend. Join a club or a team. This is the easiest way to meet people at a new school (or meet new people at your old school) because while being an organized event it is in a much more casual setting than the classroom. You get a chance to spend time with peers who have similar interests to yours and you get to bond with them in a more laid back environment. Don’t be afraid to stand out. If you are good at a certain sport or do well in a certain subject don’t be afraid to strut yourself. People are drawn to people with talent and stifling yours to avoid being a show-off will only end up hurting you. So if you have a special talent or skill make it known. Be mindful of prosocial norms at your school. This simply means try to fit in by observing the positive norms at your school. If your new school is a big football school become a fan. If your school is more academically inclined join a study group. Find out what makes your school tick and join in the fun.

Have a great year !!

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im in the same situation. I know a few people but I dont have classes with them. I found that a good thing to do is to just look approacable. be nice to everybody and in class, look around the room and find a friendly face, maybe even somebody you recognize that is in your lunch. start talking to them and ask to sit with them. things will get better and you will make more friends (: good luck !

Answer #6

I have found the best way to be a friend is to be interested in what your friends think, and accept what they think even if it isn’t the same as what you think. Also have an icebreaker…

Example, “Hi, we’re in the same math class, mind if I sit with you?”…(let the other person answer)… “what do you think about that class?” (Try not to talk about other people except maybe celebrities… )

“Did you see Journey to the center of the Earth?”(any movie or tv show)… “What did you think?” (Listen)

“do you like to read?? Whats your favorite book?”

“Do you like the NY Yankees?? OH good I can’t stand them…”

And let people share their feelings and validate their feelings.

Example… Your friend says,”That jerk just broke up with me… I am so pissed.”

You say, “That really sucks!” Don’t give people cliches when they are sharing their feelings.

Now if you show interest in the other kids at school, and let them know that you value their feelings and ideas, other people will think you are way cool.

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