How to make boobs grow?

I have boobs but there not huge. How do I make them grow bigger? I want at least a full B or nearly c.

Answer #1

Hey!I am 14 going on 15 this November,im a 34C.&You make think that having bigger breast will catch peoples attention,but it really doesnt!Instead of concentrating on your breast you could focus on other things that would catch peoples attention,such as wearing cuter clothes :)

Answer #2

the best solution its slepping wit out a bra!!!

Answer #3

You can’t,physically make your boobs big.Depending at what age you stand at,at this point,you could still be developing,but if you’re over at least the age of 18,your boobs may stop growing at this point.

Answer #4

OMG , who cares how big yr boobs are ? you guys are freakin’ pre teens for crying out loud . not even teenagers !

when I was that age I had nothing ! && it was awesome . bc when you have too start wearing a bra its very uncomfortable .

now I 17 am skiinny && have big boobs . like huge for my body type . everyone stares at my boobs . thats what im known for .

“big boobed bianca” that is NOT something you wanna be known for .

&& guys will just think thats all yr good for . && we ladies have intelligent minds that need acknowledging too ! its not all about appearances you know !

Answer #5

HELLP MEE PLEASE im 14 and have the little mesquito bites for 2 freaking years. I hate it I get made fun of and everything.. I dont fit in any bra like a week ago I just started to sleep withount it but its embarassing.. I dont even like to look at my body :( I hate it so much.. and everyone at my school (highschool) has boobs are gorgeos perfect figure. and there I am a twiggy thing with flat chest freckled face short person. jeez! someone help me please… but my aunts didnt get boobs untill they were 17.. err I dont wanna wait that long!

Answer #6

ok I 13yrs old and I am a 36b not that big to me but to guys it is.I get lots of attention for guy and something thats good and I like it but bad thing can come of it like I got forced to do some things because of my boobs it messed me up I had to change schools and everything I cant talk 2 any of my old friends at that school. I think you should be happy with your bra size no matter what!! and dont complain !!!its not that good to have big boobs!!!

Answer #7

ohkay, I am not 15. When I was 13 I wore a 32A, but now im up to a D (= here is what I did. Putting baby oil on them. Putting Tooth Pate on them, but don’t leave the toothpaste on them for a long time , it will make your boobs look gross.. Exercing, NOT wearing a bra ! ,JOGGING WITHOUT a bra. Drinking lots of milk, & pushups.

I was 13, & actually by the time I was 14 in a half, I had a D (=

hope I helped.

Answer #8

Rub them… rubbing increases the blood circulation, do It regularly & you will have big sexy boobs in no time ;) You can also have sex, tell your sex partner to rub them for you… Your boobs will grow faster this way…

Answer #9

Well I have heard of a type of medication that you can take, but that is for desperate losers who are very insecure about themselves and decide to poison there bodies to make them look like something they are not for the pigs we call men.Some men are wonderful but 99% of the time, they are disgusting pigs. Showing them that you are willing to bow down to them by taking medication to makee your boobs bigger is only going to create more selfish pigs and they will learn that they are taking advantage of us and wont care. They will look at it as power and it will never end. So I dont reccomend that DONT USE ANY MEDICATION FOR YOUR OWN GOOD!!! Some girls think that it is better to gain weight to make their boobs appear larger, but as a result they tend to gain weigh everywhere and then the weight that they have gained on their boobs blend in with the other weight they have packed on. I also know that birth cntrol tends to help, but dont go taking birth control for something silly like this.

 I say that you should be happy with the body that you were given and to just wait and see what happens. =)
Answer #10

apparently females these days especially younger one have bigger boobs because they are introduced to birth control at younger ages like 12 and 13 so by going on birth control because of the hormones can make you’re boobs grow, and by eating to gain weight for bigger boobs is a bad bad idea! don’t take that advice from anyone, you can’t choose where you’re fat is going to go and I have gained a few pounds in a year and none of it has gone to my boobs. I am 18 now and thinking I have to settle with the fact my boobs wont ever be larger then a 34b and they don’t even completely fill my bras :(

Answer #11

A balance is what you should strive for. plus fun fact, body types is part of genetics. although there are exceptions, it’s a probability game. I have heard the pills work, but personally implants are so fake and ugly. most of all, you only have about 20 years of youth. even all the statics about breast cancer correlatig to wearing a bra at night is joke. body functions= genes. while it may skip generations, but DNA will not just leave gene tree.

so pill, exercises, and high protein diet is what I suggest. o and caffine supposedly is bad for this process. hope this helped guys.

Answer #12

Drink LOTS of water, believe it or not. Ever heard of the saying “You are what you eat?” Exactly. About 70% of our body is made of water. Drink anything that has water in it, and STAY AWAY from that Caffeine. Eat A LOT of veggies and fruits. Eat Salads, fruit salads, or a delicious healthy snack involving both veggies and fruits. I eat salad at least once a day, so that way I am assured that I have enough veggies in me. Years ago I would go to my pantry and grab chips and sprite or cookies or something, sit on the soda and just pig out. I have controlled myself SO much, and now every time I get hungry I simply cut some fruit up and sit there and eat it until its all gone. Turn on your favorite show and eat at the same time. You will be done before you realize it. Exercise as well. Push ups are good for you. Drink lots of milk as well.

How do I know this?

I am now 19. At the at the age of 15 I was a 30A, and when I found these things out I started working on it. Guess what? In around 7 months I went from 30A to 34C. =]

Answer #13

Hey I’m 13 and I’m a 32b and I really want bigger boobs like I wanna be in the c’s by the time the school year is over please help me please.

Answer #14

Since milk will help your boobs grow will choclate milk help them to

Answer #15

This is just so embarasing… I dont realy know what to do.. I dont have any breast.. it was like a ten year old breast…

and I am 17 going to be 18 in five months and I am so freking out… dont know waht to do… :(

Answer #16

how did I make the groww im 15 aand need help

Answer #17

hey I’m 19 years old and I only wear a 34 A

… I’ve been happy with my boyfriend for a few years now…

having little boobs are in now, I mean you can have way more fun buying dresses… any ways, congrats for girls with racks, it doesn’t really matter if you have um, or not, just be happy and healthy… show off parts of your body that you’re comfortable with : ) and your personality

Answer #18

Ferr everyone who says they dont have boobs. its probably in hormones or your growing slower than others. and honey; yer only ten juuhst wait . big boobs arent always great. BE HAPPY IN YOUR OWN SKIN!

Answer #19

im 14 turning 15 in december and im not skinny. I fit into a 12A I know thats really small. and all my friends are youner than me and have way bigger boobs then me. WHAT CAN I DOOO ??

Answer #20

All you people are so dumb ok pushing on your boobs for ten minutes doesnt do anything and come on people that hurts so I would just say to do exercizes like pushups and benchpresses because tham firms your boobs and im 16 and I have 34dd and im only 115 pounds so you dont have to be fat to have big boobs also my mom and grandmas are flat chested so I cant say it runs in the genes because thats not true…:)) I hope that helped you because your gonna hurt your self listening to them…:)))

Answer #21

Im 15 and a 32A. It totally sucks and its really hard to feel sexy or pretty when your as flat as a 5th grader, but I started to ware water bras from victorias secret and they gave me pretty nice cleavage, so now I dont look so intierly flat.

Answer #22

go for natural remedy boob enhancements salon. or plastic surgery quick fix.

Answer #23

xDD ok sorry. um u cant make hormones go faster. lol im almost c…

Answer #24

Chocolate milk shakes seem to do the trick.

Answer #25

youu cant really make your boobs grow. you just have to be patient and once your older trust me they will be bigg. if not then just be happy for who you are. [[:

Answer #26

I herad they say that when you over 14and you a 32A you not suppose to wear a bra when you sleeping and always jog without a bra! is this true ?

Answer #27

Ughh I HATEEE THE SIZE OF MY BOOBS… I am 13 and iam not the skinnyiest girl in the world soo you can really tell I am flat chested. I am a size 30A and want atleast a size B GRRR. Everyone at my school has oobs exept me . I have tried rubbbing them,pulling them , andd mesagin them. nothing works I have been drinking milk every day and nothing the only problem I think is I haven’t had my period. soo I read you get your period 2 years after your breast have had develouped. soo here I am wating because I look horrible in bathing suits because of my fatt and no BOOBS. I have looked up every thing I could and all of it says is get prego ,, gain weight, I have enough weight on me right now because I am 117 and I am only 5’ by height so I am short I am just messed up little girl . maybe I thought if I had bigger boobs they (boys) wouldnt tell I have a lot of fat on me and they would just stare at my hoohass. please helpp

Answer #28

Hey im 36A And im 14 When I Was 13 I had Lil boobs So I Started Drinkinq A lot Of milk And Slept With no bra Try to Press you boobs with your Hand like for 10 Min.. it Works Now im qettinq bigger boobs evryday

Answer #29

im 18, 140 lbs. and wear a 34B. and nothing I do will change it. believe me. I have tried vitamins, exercise, eating like crazy, stuffing, and even lotions and creams. it really just depends on your body type and even your lifestyle. every person is different so keep that in mind. I do know that what type of bra you wear is important though. you want to find a bra that is YOUR RIGHT SIZE. dont try to get a bigger one so when it is off you can show it off, and dont get a smaller one just so it pushes your boobs up when you are wearing it. too small of a bra can actually cause indention marks(proven fact. look it up if you dont believe me). and a bigger bra causes some to have saggier brests. make sure you have something that will give you support and somewhat comfort. if your boobs decide to grow, they will!! if not, get used to it, or go get urself some fake ones. sure there may be vitamins and creams and different foods and exercises that may help them grow. what you people need to do is figure out your body for urselves and quit relying on other people for all the answers!

Answer #30

You cant really :( but I know someone who was about a 30AA when she was 14 and then by the time she was 21 she became 34E !

I think that if boys only go for girls with big boobs are totally shallow and really aren’t worth it.

Im 14 and im like a 34A/B its soo bad! and embarassing!


Wear 2 bras because when it gets to guys seeing them theyll be kind of freaked out!

Stuff Your Bra! Whatever you stuff it with, will fall out even if it doesnt people will notice


Answer #31

You know what, all yu people think it’s about boys that that’s why we want bigger boobs, just be quiet , I’m 15 goinq to be 16 and a few month I’m a 34B and have been for like a year and half now I could care less about boys cause I’m skinny you g pretty and get any boy I want with my body but I do have small boobs and Im not happy with them but it’s for ME it’ll make ME happier that I’d have a least a c size boob but for my good not for guys they cam go down the toilet for all I care ! So honestly stop blaminq guys cause that’s not always the case, not in mine at lease !!

Answer #32

Omg im 15 in october and im a nearly a full a all of my friends have bigger boobs that me its emarrasing and I have tried almos every thing. Now im just going to wait and hope I get a bb

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