How to get real fast?

How to get fast I already fast but I want to be fast as hell want to be nation wide but how could I make my self fast as hell dont tell me no advice unless you tried it and you are fast

Answer #1

I am very fast and it helps me so much in sport as I play off the target man in hockey. The trick is to do short sprint in trainin (after a light jog round the pitch or something). Then try sprinting from a turned position, so your facing one way then turn and sprint. Reaction has a huge part as well in this, so say in sport you have to read the game and start an immediate sprint, and because you know what your doing and where your going your body doesnt hesitate and you can achieve I would say an extra 10% to your normal sprint speed.

Get yourself a cheap exercise bike, or go out biking in general. But the exercise bike will work better because if you can bike fast on a strong resistance, then your natural sprint speed will increase as well as your ability to maintain it. This will be because your body is not working against resistance when sprinting and also the motions and your legs on the bike will make them move faster, slightly longer strides as your literally propelling yourself forwards.

I know this is a simple one, but pump your arms when you run, just adds to the momentum. Lean Slightly forward but not too much to make you look stupid, adds to the streamline effect.

Hope this helps, I think it worked for me because my body is naturally athletic running wise without any real training like gym and weights etc.

Answer #2

It is not possible to get any faster then you are your have 2 types of muscle fast twitch and slow twitch if you want to be as fast as usain bold you have ti have atleast 80% fast twitch if you dont then you cant get faster x

Answer #3

do what I do. join a local athletics club and train with the sprinters. and really push yourself, it’ll be really hard.. hard enough for you to want to quit. BUT DON’T. if you want something bad enough you’ll work harder for it! really push it. train constatly, TIL IT REALLY HURTS!

Answer #4

im fast but I wouldnt say fast as hell

try building muscle in all parts of your legs plus your stomach abit too and don’t do long run instead do a stream of short sprints

Answer #5

start running up hill or put the incline higher if your on uh treadmill.

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Answer #7

Try smoking Crack!!

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