how to get my GPA to a 3.5 or higher

ok, so my sophmore and freshman year, I screwed up a lot. and my current GPA is 1.3 what I would like to know, is how I can get my GPA to a 3.5 or higher, by then end of my senior year. I start my junior year in 3 weeks.

Answer #1

thats another thing I cant do, sports are a HUGE part of my life. im the leader of the football team and wrestling and lacross. so I can stop foing that. but what I do for fun is sleep. lmao

Answer #2

haha okay im totally sorry :[ haha slightly embarassed okay well what is something fun 4 you to do??? use that as motivation… or be like if I study for this test or do this homework I can play x box or w.e. for so long…or better yet however many minutes you study is as long as you can play x box…or w/e…does that help??

Answer #3

hahaha, this is going to be difficult. I dont play video games a lot!!! I work out, play sports and everything physical you can think of. and dont be embarrased, you didnt know. and my picture doesnt help anyways =P

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I just thought of something, you could also like not let yourself spend any money for a certain number of days if you get a bad grade or not let yourself work out or play sports (for fun). you could also take the 5 things that mean the most to you (items, not people, lol) and for every week that you do your homework or be attentive in class, you get one back, after a while, it will become a habit and you wont need to hold you stuff hostage anymore, lol.

Answer #5

do you hang out with friends, have a cell phone or do anything for fun? you can try like having you studying with your friends by having them text message you questions an you send them the answers and you do the same for them. you can do like a contest, whoever has the most points win like money or soemthing, you all give them like $2(the more people involved, the more fun), will be a little costly unless you have verizon, so you could do emails, msn, aim, or notes.

let me know wut you do for fun and I’ll come up with something for you, message me=D

Answer #6

How about you pay for college? That’s what I’m doing. I also effed up my first two years of college… and it was otu of state tuition! And my parents paid. If you’re already paying for it, I guess that idea is out.

I know one very big problem for me is that I like to learn. I like to learn new things about my world. My former college wasn’t about learning. IT was just about getting a grade and getting through the year. I can’t do that. It makes me feel hopeless you know? If I don’t have something fulfilling to do and I’m just doing an action for the hell of it (like studying) then I just can’t get any of the knowledge through my head. The teachers weren’t there for teaching. They were there because they wanted to do their research. It’s a bad learning environment. I suggest that if your learning environment is the problem, get out of there and go somewhere else that actually matches your learning style .

Sleeping for fun? Doesn’t sound like a good goal. After all, if you with hold sleep that might not be healthy. And if you’re trying to keep yourself from sleeping and you get really tired, well you could accidentally doze off. And then that defeated the purpose of withholding sleep from yourself anyway. It’s not a good reward. Sleeping in on the weekends is maybe a good reward. You could go to sleep at a reasonable time (10:30-11) and wake up nice and early even if you have afternoon classes. At least by 7-8 get up and get ready and feel fresh. Then study study study so that when you do get to class, it will all be review instead of hearing it for the first time. Then you can just take easy notes while the teacher talks rather than writing every single word down. You’ll learn it better that way. Now this is important for your retention: make sure to review those notes within the same day so that you’re reminding yourself “yeah I really do know this material”. Then in the evening I’m sure you could go practice some sports if you have all of your work done. (You always need practice, I say!) On the weekends you could sleep in a bit before getting up and doing what you love, and studying (even just a lil bit) can’t hurt. I did this and I turned my grades around! I had no choice though. I had no car and my college is too far to walk so my parents would drop me off early in the morning. I had nothing else to do but study. And it worked. I went from C-D average all the way to straight As. (It also helps that the town I am in now is BORING and I have nothing else to do with my time than study and hang with friends. You might need to force yourself to actually get up and go to class if you live right on campus. ) Also I like Lovestruck’s idea with the question and answer game. I just thought, whoever had the most points by the end of that studying game could earn a prize that has something to do with sports, right? Then You’ll HAVE to win those things!

so you’re at a 1.3 and you want a 3.5? That may take a LOT of credit hours worth of As. You’ll have to get As from now on. Lots of As. The best place to do that is really community college, but if you can manage it at a university, that’s fine. GPA is cummulative, I remind you, so good luck with that.

Answer #7

Every last friday of the month

Answer #8

lol, I dont mean like if you are on a team, like do you play games just for fun?

Answer #9

for one, I dont eat ice cream, im a Vegan, lol but you didnt know that, for two, there is no girls night out for me, im a man LOL. but, the classes that I have are easy, im just not motivated to do the work

Answer #10

im in highschool

Answer #11

why did you ask people to help you if your going to shoot down all there help. Your in high school? Get over it then. Wait til you get to college if you get to college. I was horrible in high school and now I am getting Bs in college and it still isnt enough. If your not motivated maybe your not the college type sorry kid

Answer #12

okay 1st

take the easiest classes possible this will help you to get better grades.


after every good test grade reward yourself…for all your hard work by having an ice cream day or girls night out or something that you couldn’t do because you had to study :] this will make you feel like your goals are in reach and your doing all that studying for something worth while.

this is what I do. it works because im a year a head in school and taking all honors classes and still have a 3.6…but any ?s just ask :]

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