How to get my finances back on track?

I've been dealing with some tough times financially.
My cell phone bill was costly and I still owe them money when my social security check comes in. My closest friend whoes like grandma is helping me with the finances since I have the visual impairment.
How can her and I keep them on track?
I'd appreciate some feedback.

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my first question to you is: how is your credit history? Is is impeccable? Do you have a few spots along the way? In any rate, I would advise you to try and get an unsecured loan to steady your financial ship. It means you can lump all those payments from multiple credit cards, loans, department store cards into one easy payment. And why am I asking about your credit? Simple: Better credit = better interest rate.

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I agree with the previous advice given you, but I might want to add: have you considered obtaining a consolidation loan? If your credit is good, and you have a stable income and bank account, you may be able to qualify for 1. But, perhaps you may not need one after all. Just my 2 cents worth. Thanks.

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Cut back on anything that is not a necessity. Give yourself a time frame. I just got rid of a storage unit that saves me $480 a year, I'm seriously thinking about getting rid of my cell phone for a year, and when summer comes I'm getting rid of our cable for the summer.
You have to define your needs from your wants, it's hard we live in a world of excess. Good Luck!

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