How to decorate my new house?

So we just moved to a cute little house in Durham, NC. The colors are very bright...but are accented. One of the rooms has two bright orange walls...and I'm lost on how to decorate it. We're thinking of making it a 'gaming' room, and just putting in a futon, TV and our video game systems. But what color futon would you put in a bright orange room? Here is a picture of the orange wall.

Our living room is a dark green...I was thinking purple for the couches and furniture in there. What do you all think? What goes well with dark green walls?

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maybe a dark purple or a cream color

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Here is a photo of the living room with the dark green. I'm thinking purple?

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Wow.It looks very tropical.Try mocha browns to give it a natural but not plain effect.

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For the 'orange' room, I love the idea of a Bohemian look. It literally means 'good home' and is basically about incorporating all kinds of 'antique' looking things, plants and bright colors. The orange walls would be perfect for this style. I'd get a bold blue futon/futon cover, use dark wood accents and find some cool little 'boho' printed toss pillows and some funky yard sale 'treasures' to give it a fun feel. This pic can give you an idea...

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Well for the Orange room I would go with a navy blue futon with maybe some white accent pillows and orange hints like creamsicle lamps or rugs.

For the green room I would say probable mahogany color tables with a beige color like this>> couch or armchair or something. Hope it helped.

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For the 'green' room, I'd go a little more conservative and use earth tones. The fireplace is beautiful, btw! I really love a 'cozy country cottage' look for living rooms. I like this general look:

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my mom and I just thought back to her and my cjhildhood.
everything we've always wanted we decorated our house like that
just think what would go good with this or that

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You can also bring white or off white furnitures that will complement your dark green wall a lot.

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