Whats the wierdest or coolest thing you have found in a new house?

I mean like a house you have just moved into be it new or old rental or owned. I do house cleans where someone moves out and we clean everything in it. There is always stuff left and we have found things like a fake vagina and trophys even ultrasound pics also syringes. Its a dirty job lol. Coolest thing was a bag of really old coins.

Hope xoxoshorty doesnt mind me asking this one as her question made me think about other peoples experiences with this.

Answer #1

I found a sword in the basement of our old house, and also a box full of buttons that belonged to the previous owners wife, who died in our kitchen. Odd.

Answer #2

when we were doing some renovations on my new house (which is actually very old), we knocked down a wall and inside the wall, we found a woman’s birch bark diploma from 1889… which was cool because usually women didn’t graduate back then.

Also, I have one of those crows nest type rooms with a tiny stair case that you have to climb above my room… one day I was at the library, looking at a centennial book about my town… and I found a picture of my house in the 1850’s… I found one of my windows in my room in the picture… but above it there was another small, attic type window which isn’t there today… In the crows nest room, there is a big cupboard… so, after I got home from the library I went to that cupboard, and pushed the back wall of it… it moved backwards and behind it was a little tunnel way… which lead to the old attic where there was a ton crazy old stuff… it is so cool and now my favorite room in my house.. but also the scariest.

Answer #3

wheni first moved in 2 the house im in now with my mum an step dad and 2 brothers, I found a loose floor bord, so I tuk it out and found a stash of porn lol, like a HUGE!! thing of it haha and also, there is a ghost in the room im in now, apparently a old lady died in the room im in…also a baby died in my little brothers room.. an he screamed an it woke me up, I ran in 2 have a look, an there the baby was…on the floor…I was cryin me an my bro woke the hole house up, but it had dissapeard by the time the rest of my family woke up, so it was only me an my bro who saw it!

Answer #4

A sparkly blue bowling ball and a sheep’s skull were found by me and my sister on the bottom shelf of the hall cuboard in my old house.

Answer #5


Answer #6

My old and friendly childhood ghost.

Purchased the house that I was actually born in Jan 2007 and it still has the friendy ghost I remember from childhood.

Cool but he makes me jump at times!


Answer #7

We found old medical text books in our attic and while remodeling - we ripped paneling off the wall and found book covers glued to the walls. Apparently the wife of the doctor that lived in the house decades ago was an avid reader, and when she would finish a book she would glue the cover to the wall.

Rumor also had it that the den in the house used to be a school room. There used to be hop scotch and games painted on the wood floors. We ripped the carpet up but someone who lived there before us had already sanded them all off.

We also had a colony of bats… not as cool. lol

xox Sika

Answer #8

ah well its not really a new house, weve been living here since I was 6. Our house is an old victorian house originally made in 1809 and my mom is forever renovating. when she redid the kitchen (used to be the diningroom) the walls were insulated with horse hair and we found old shoes and corsets and newspapers inside as well. there was also a pic of the couple who lived here. the woman stood behind a man who was sitting in front of her on a chair. their clothes were awesome.

Answer #9

Cool, it’s so interesting to see what people leave behind that they have obviously put somewhere safe but forgotten where that is. lol

Answer #10

porn movies beside the refrigerator

Answer #11

all the walls were green and yellow wierd

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