How to deal with being bullied?

Im in jr high and I hate going to school. Everyone except for 4 people make fun of me for no reason How do I deal with it???

Answer #1

You should never have to deal with bullying because it should not be occuring in the first place. Try to ignore it and show people your the better person by not letting it get to you. Ten years from now people will look back and realize their childish attitude and how pathetic they were acting towards you. If you can’t ignore it try making friends with the people who do not tease you their is strength in numbers. And once others see that you can be social with other people and that you have friends usually they stop. The number one thing you have to remember is confidence. Just hold your head high and be confident in yourself usually when people see this than they will stop bullying you. I hope it all works out and good luck be confident!

Answer #2

you don’t deal with it…it won’t pass over…you don’t ignore it…you can’t tell an adult because they don’t do sh…I went through this before and I choose to ignore it but since I ignore then everyone thought they could bully me because they knew I wouldn’t do anything but tell the teacher and the teacher never did anything…so one day I decide that the next person to say anything or do anything to me,I would stand up for myself no matter the consequences…a girl that had started the bullying tripped me in the hall and everyone started to laugh…I got up and punched her right her face..since then no one has picked on me and that was in 7th grade now I’m a sophomore in high school and no one will dare mess with me.because they know I won’t let anyone walk all over me…a lot of people that ignore it uselly end up depressed,antisocial,they end up self harming and some even kill them selves…I pretty sure you don’t want to end up like that…stand up for yourself…if you don’t stand up for yourself everyone is going to walk all over you…”Be yourself and don’t take anyones sh, and never let them take you alive”-Gerard Way

Answer #3

I once had this problem but not to this extreme. One day one of the toughest guys in the school (and it was a boys school with 1400 guys there) smashed me around the face. I the proceeded to hit them back for once, then they fell onto a brick wall and hit them several times against the wall. they then recovered and hit me again and again and again (25-28 times according to other students. I was knocked unconscious but they never bullied me again, no joke. A friend of mine pulled a knife against a bully, the bully went for him and my mate went for a stab. Fortunately only got him in the hand and no-one ever said anything of it again. I was a very scrawnt person at the time too. when I hit him. Just ignore it and log each time he bullys you. You have 2 options, either attack him personally physically 9which may get you expelled or somethingbad) or go to your principal or dean or someone. I actually did go see the dean several times and then said “If you wont do anything then if he ends up hrt its not my fault, its yours ok?”

Answer #4

first what I would do is to start documenting the harrasment, then tell an authority figure, I know that sounds dumb but it could benefit you… If the bullining continues, make sure you tell an authority figure again, and document each time. also make sure you use a spiral notebook. you also have to ask the bullies to stop as well. IF THEY DONT AND YOUR AUTHORITY FIGURES, SUCH AS A PRINCIPLE, TEACHER, OR ANY SCHOOL AUTHORITY DOESN’T MAKE IT STOP YOU HAVE A HARRASMENT LAWSUIT ON YOUR HANDS. You can make money from this as long as you keep it well documented and you make sure you do everything you can to stop it. and if they do stop when you tell someone to make them or when you tell them to stop then everything will be okay, also let your parents know whats going on maybe they can help you.

Answer #5

Who are doing the bullying? Tell them off, call them out for how sad it is that they pick on someone who they think is weaker than them. NOt saying you are but they seem to think that and that might be why they don’t see a reason to stop. Can you be friends with the people who don’t bully you? What type of bullying is it?

Answer #6

well I think that it will soon pass over!

Answer #7

who are thoose 4 people?? me abby mckenzie sabrina ashton and meganne dont!!

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