How do you deal with a bully at school?

How to Deal with a Bully???

Bullies like to feel more powerful than their peers. Bullies can make kids feel helpless. It is okay to be scared.

Answer #1

Go right to your principal and tell your principal who the bully is and what the bully is doing and tell them reasons you want it to stop. Such as you are afraid to come to school. And ask them if they will help you. Ultimately, your parents could sue the school for not protecting you! Also, do you know how to deal with a “bad dog”? You will have to stay on top of his actions. Stay calm. I really hope this person doesn’t have friends that like to bullytoo. There is no harder position to be in than yours.

Answer #2

adoid him or tell someone or gather an arm and fite him

Answer #3

well how big are you? I have the mentality to fight fire with even more fire. I’ve never had that problem because im about 6’4’’ 200 lbs. call me up and ill take care of it! joke I cant but I would.

Answer #4

get all your tough friends and jump him.

Answer #5

Learn to kickbox and then beat the s**t out of him in front of everyone, come on don’t be scared he needs to get a taste of his own medicine.

Answer #6

As the Kaiser Chiefs say:(Grit your teeth and stand your ground.) dont be scared of him/her. dont back down, they’ll think you r a coward and they’ll continue to bully you, try not 2 let it come to blows and fists. try to keep it just words. if they abuse you, dont do it back, kep trying 2 calm them down. if they come to hit you, your only chance is to still not back down and fight it out and make sure to attract attention.GET OFF ME, or WHAT THE HELL are U DOIN Dont worry dude, he’s probably got mental issues, dish up some dirt on him and blackmail him or something, Hope you found this useful=) Mo

Answer #7

Stand Tall… and Don’t back Down.

Answer #8

go work out and get an awesome body then kick his azz

Answer #9

When I was in school most parents and teachers thought that learning to stand up to bullies was character building so nobody took it seriously. Today we see kids driven to depression and suicide from bullying. Now we know how damaging being bullied can be. Most teachers and counselors take it very seriously now. Many researchers believe that persistant and pervasive bullying at Columbine high school was a factor in the massecre.

Also, most schools have a zero tolerance policy toward violence meaning that if you get in a fight with a bully both of you will be suspended. Keep that in mind when a bully is trying to pick a fight with you. Let the bully get kicked out of school for hitting you but don’t fight back and let it happen to you.

Answer #10

stand up to him say it nicely and calm though and say im not scared of you and look him in his eyes

Answer #11

say ive been bullied before so if u want this to stop go right up to the bully in let him no his actions in if he wants a fight well give him one but don’t snitch because if he has friends then ur in trouble so don’t snitch, but if he tries to fight u just tell him u don’t wanna fight him in ur not scared but u just don’t like being bullied around in thay’ll make him fell stupid in hell say something like how am im bulling u in tell him how in front of alot of people in he will look at u in then look around at everyone in probilaly try to fight but stand ur grounds in tell him in his eyes i don’t wanna fight i just want u to act ur age not ur shoe size in he will leave u alone

Answer #12

The best thing you can do is TELL SOMEONE. You can’t be expected to deal with something like this alone. Don’t keep silent and let them get away with hurting you. The quieter you are, the more power the bullies have over you. I had a bully problem once and I didn’t tell. Until one of them threatened me with a penknife. Then I HAD to tell someone for my own safety. Don’t let them get that far. School is challenging enough without being bullied as well. Protect yourself in any way you can. If you find them attacking you, no matter what you do, whether you hit back or not, it’s self defence and you can’t possibly get into trouble for protecting yourself. Be brave and the best of luck. =o]

Answer #13

You think you’re a good person and you don’t make anyone mad, at least not on purpose. So what do you do if you are bullied? Should you let it happen? Here are tips on what you can do if you are being bullied:

Tell an adult. Many young women fear telling an adult because they don’t want to look like a snitch or seem weak. However, adults can help end the bullying. Also, it may make you feel better to tell an adult.

Stand up for yourself. Believe it or not, this will help you gain respect from others. Practice what you might say to a bully with a friend, your mirror, or an adult. Practice saying it in a firm, confident voice. You may even encourage others to protect themselves from bullying, too.

Tell the Bully to stop. Calmly walk away. Believe in yourself and tell others how you feel and what you think. You will gain respect from others. Also, by leading the way and showing others that you can’t be bullied, you can help prevent bullying in the future. You can also encourage others to protect themselves from bullying.

Do not fight back! It’s hard to do, but walk away from a bully and ignore them. If you give in to a bully and fight back, you could end up getting in trouble instead of the bully! If someone is hurting you physically, try to call for help or get away fast and get help from an adult.

Lighten the air! Make a joke to lighten up the mood. Say something funny to distract the people involved.

Make new friends and get involved. Making friends, and having interests and extracurricular activities, will make you feel better about yourself and the bullying situation. It will introduce you to people who share similar interests. When making friends, make sure you have positive friendships that are fun and free of bullying. Stick together for support.

Don’t blame yourself. It’s important for you to know that it’s not your fault. No one deserves to be treated this way. If you’re being bullied, try to stop it either by yourself or with help from an adult.

Be strong! Bullies like to upset people, particularly those who can’t stand up for themselves. Be in control so that the bully won’t feel in control. It’s important to feel confident and have good self-esteem. Even if you don’t feel it at the moment, acting like you do will help. You may find that you are pretty good at handling a bully after all, and the next time you won’t have to fake the confidence.

Don’t worry, this will pass…Take care !!

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