How much does it cost to neuter a puppy?

Denver, who is 8 months, is about to get neuter in two more weeks, and the price for it is $175. Is this too much? Or does doctor goes by the type and how big the dog is? Thank you for you answer/advice.

Answer #1

Oh my gosh you got robbed Phrannie.

I have two Vets. I like the both, but one is cheaper and one is closer. I mean like half the price. I thought I paid a lot when I paid $65.00 for a dog that had a testicle down in it’s abdomen, to get it neutered. Which as a lot of people may know is a more expensive surgery.

For sure call around and check prices. Loyalty only goes as far as your pocket book is deep.

Answer #2

If only one of his testicles have dropped, and the price is $90, then you’re getting a GOOD deal…You don’t want to go to a spay/neuter clinic, assembly line type sterilization, when something that invasive has to be done…I’d much rather have my pup being the “center of attention” in that circumstance…ya know?

Moj had to have his belly button pushed back in, as well as neutered…but still, that was a tiny cut…a push of the finger, and 3 stitches…that’s where they really gouged me…


Answer #3

hey you can get it done for free I did for all my dogs just go to a shelter and ask for a s/n voucher its totally free I promise so yeah save your money for an emergency lol!

hope I helped!! :)

Answer #4

thank you, I knew in my mind that the price is A LITTLE BIT too pricey. maybe I should change his vet too. And anothering thing is that, they do not provide night stays or overnight kenneling either. I will do more research before anything, next time. Thank you.

Answer #5

At the Humane Society where I work on weekends, it varies by the size of the dog and the gender (male animals are much easier to neuter than females are to spay).

For Male dogs it ranges from $40 (up to 10lbs) to $90 (over 100lbs). We do offer the service for free to those with governmental aid (food stamps, Medicaid, etc).

Answer #6

You can even call around and check with different vets…you’ll be surprised at how different some of the prices are…The only part of the surgery that is based on the dog’s size is the antethsia…

They don’t need to stay the night when they’ve been neutered…neutering is a much simpler, and less invasive procedure than spaying. I don’t think $90 is so much any more, considering that vets have had to take the same insurance steps as Dr.’s against malpractice.

Imagin MY shock, when I went to pick up MoJo from a vet I’d chosen after mine retired…stupid me, didn’t think to ask how much…when they handed me the bill I thought it was for another dog…$376…I almost fell over…and I never went back, either.


Answer #7

wow, at SICSA the Animal Shelter I work at, we offer the service for like $45.. But we don’t provide night stays or overnight Kenneling. I’ve heard the LOWEST you can get neutering is about $25.. I’d look around to find a better deal. Neutering is a simple procedure. Now, spaying is nit as simple. Look around the Animal Shelters.

Answer #8

Phrannie, actually I’ve just called couple of places and I just found out that the reason why it coast so much is because my puppy’s only has one testicle drop, and the vet has to search for the other testicle, during the surgery. 2 places that I called acturally coast MORE then my original Vet. but Wowser! $376 dollars!?

Answer #9

Where can I get a s/N voucher to get my dog Neutered for free.

Answer #10

The cost of neutering a male dog can vary greatly depending upon the geographical area, the animal’s anatomy (ie both testicles dropped) and what is actually included in the price. For example, some vets include pre-surgical blood work in their neuter price while others are just given an anesthetic and neutered with little attention given to the animal before or after the procedure. The question to ask is not so much, how much, but what is the best value. Does your vet perform a pre-surgical exam to check for any abnormalities such as a heart murmur or respiratory problems? Pre-surgical bloodwork is a good idea even in young animals as it can detect abnormalities in kidney and liver function that may alter how the animal metabolizes the anesthesia. Further the placement of an I’ve catheter allows the veterinarian to quickly administer drugs or fluids that can aid in either supporting the circulatory system during the surgery or in the event of a rare anesthetic reaction. Low cost spay/neuter clinics have their place, but if this is your beloved family pet why not look at value and quality for the price. Sometimes you get what you pay for. Dr.Sandra Wahlert DVM

Answer #11

in Phoenix, that is fairly decent. at least what I could find. Animal shelters can’t provide the attention and overnight time that the dog could need. its crazy out here trying to get this done at the shelter. I’ve heard stories of overnight waiting. my two kittens were 125 each… thank God for their pet insurance, it covered half the cost

Answer #12

go on google… I found a spca in my town, who will take him in as a “” stray animal”” do shots and neuter and other stuff, then I adopt him back in a few days, and its only 75 dollars

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