How long do pills and cocaine take to get out of the system?

ok my older bro is in the same situation that I am in with the U.A’s 2ce a week but the only difference is, is he dont smoke weed he just does a lot of pills and coke and stuff like that and he wanted me to ask all of you how long it would take for pills and coke to get out of his system…oh and thanks for the help luckybaby27

Answer #1

I would really listen to what Frued99 said, get some help! You don’t want to %$#@ your life up!!! But with the pills and cocaine it takes about 72 hours to clear out of your system depending on the over all use and how much you do. Smoking on the other hand will take up to 3 to 4 weeks or less depending how much. If its a little here and there it should clear after 2 weeks, Just drink plenty of fluids and a word of advice from someone a bit older, just relax on that #$@% You don’t need it! Good luck to you and your bro.

Answer #2

4 weeks at most

Answer #3

4 weeks at most

Answer #4

It really depends on ones active health status and metabolism. UA’s can provide positive results for as long as 6 weeks, blood analysis of drugs usually provides positive results for up to one week, hair sampling can last around 90 days or longer. Chronic or habitual users will almost always show positive results in the latter form of the time frame. There’s a simple solution to your problem: stop doing drugs!! Get treatment from a qualified mental health or substance abuse professional before you abruptly quit. -S

Answer #5

it only takes three days to get out of your piss.. blood is a different story though. also there is a detox pill you can buy at a gnc store called stacks it works wonders.

Answer #6

pills it takes about a week. smoking weed you can get it out of your systom with in 12 days befour a drug test. I smked weed while on brobation and passed. all you have to do is take 6500mg of niacin a day. make shore its not the flush free kind. drink a lot of water and do something that makes you sweat a tone. and you will be fine

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