How to get rid of cocaine in my system?

How can I get rid of cocaine in my system in order to pass a urine drug screen in 48 hours. I need a home remedy.

Answer #1

If you’re trying to get a job I think you should hit up a rehab clinic first. You can beat your addiction to cocaine. Please get help before it really effects your health.

Answer #2

cranberry crap is BS you need to go to your local GNC store an get this stuff called Niacin. It’ll have directions on the back on how 2 use it. Warning it will make you itch like a pipehead but you wont have Blow in your system

Trust me!!!

Answer #3

Dear joniashv, Okay, give your head a shake…why would they be doing drug testing if they were so easy to pass??? What you hear on the internet and what some companies try to sell you to pass is all hype. They don’t spend thousands of dollars for these tests if you could simply drink something and pass? So don’t believe those who say they’ve passed this way…it’s impossible. Sue…good luck

Answer #4

Over the next few hours drink lots of (REAL) cranberry juce, no sugar and additives, vinegar(not the vegitanble kind) and LOTS of water, add a strenuous work out, and peeing and you should be in the clear.

Answer #5

why don’t you try not taking any drugs at all?! DUH!

Answer #6

Please don’t use niacin…it does nasty stuff to your system. Sue

Answer #7

^^^ that’s a myth, it doesn’t really work. tough luck, buddy :]

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