How long are goldfish pregnant for?

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Goldfish don't get "pregnant" per se - the female will begin to look round when she is producing eggs. You will also need a male goldfish present, who will fertilize her eggs when she releases them (sometimes thousands) all over the tank. He will chase her around the tank while this is happening. After about three to four hours the courtship should stop. When the eggs are laid and fertilized they need to be removed from the tank so that the parents don't eat them.

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That did not answer the question. How long do goldfish carry the eggs before releasing them? You've explained what happens after the eggs are released. I think my goldfish is pregnant, which is wild because we've had these 2 goldfish in a 10 gallon tank for almost 3 years. Why would they suddenly decide to reproduce? What do I do??!!!

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they can be pregnant for about 3 months before they lay there eggs and when they do lay there eggs the other fish or the mom willl eat them but dont worry it's apart of life

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how long are goldfish pregnant

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