How effective are drug laws?

Have drug laws stopped the consumption of drugs? Any fool can see that they have not. The war on drugs is a war that can never be won. Instead, the war on drugs has created criminals and a massive worldwide criminal enterprise that funds terrorists and results in never ending civil strife in areas where drugs are produced. It has resulted in civil forfeiture laws that have stripped ordinary law abiding citizens of billions of dollars of property. It’s turned many law enforcement agencies into asset forfeiture departments that differ in no way from a criminal organization except that they wear badges.

It’s a disaster. Yet people are stupid, idiotic really. When asked if we should end all this, the answers are “yah but if it were legal, people would do drugs”. Guess what, it’s not legal and people do drugs.

So how effective has the asinine war on drugs been, beyond it’s effectiveness at creating crime and destroying the constitution?

Answer #1

Not sure what the best drug policy is but it is obvious that what we have now isn’t working out so well. Drug laws ruin more lives than the drugs themselves do.

Drug policy that treats addicts as victims instead of criminals would be an important first step.

Answer #2

not very .. they are based on locking up users not treating the problems that cause people to go out and get high. the system is all wrong. treatment not imprisonment. people so drugs for different reasons. and we need to find out why these pople choose addiction and how we can try to help them change their habbits and behaviors to eradicate drug addiction. now if we legalized all drugs and survided the inital chaos all the junkies would kill themselves and we could begin again with a society based on social responibility

Answer #3

The problem is not drug use, it’s drug ABuse. If we took half the money we spend on law enforcement and punishment of drug offenders, and spent it on rehab programs, we would be fighting drug abuse far more effiectively.

Answer #4

Obviously you answered your own question lol I agree with you. The world today is completely stupid. Whether drugs are legal or illegal, there are idiots who will still do them. It seems like the more society is against drugs the more popular they become. Its completely stupid. My school has so many druggies. their ruining their lives before their even adults.

Answer #5

There is no war on drugs. The government knows exactly what they’re doing if you know what I mean.. America’s not complaining though.

Answer #6

They’re not effective. But you try persuading the conservatives. They’re the ones that continued to preach abstinence only after it was shown to be ineffective. So good luck with that one.

Answer #7

The problem is, lack of “PR” for countries like Portugal that decriminalized drugs…in short, they made it less of an issue, the result was less usage, less problems, less crime…

…and, well, that’s not what the US conservatives want to hear.

Fun fact: the US has the highest per capita population behind bars of any country in the world (one in every 25 adults…) when you consider this staggering number the fact that prisons are big business and outsourced to private enterprise…

…there is FAR too much financial incentive to make things MORE illegal rather than letting logic, justice or equality prevail.

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