Who here was a drug baby and how do you think thats effected you in your life?

I personally had a mother who was on crack while pregnant with me so I was in turn born addicted to crack, I feel this has made me more prone to addiction then most.

Answer #1

I wasn’t a crack baby or anything like that, however I did have a dad who smoked in my presence from I was born till I was about 10. Today I have asthma and allergies and a MESSED UP immune system because of that.

Answer #2

Same as Irene, here, my mom smoked forever…I have mild asthma as well as really bad seasonal allergies.

Answer #3

my mom smoked so much weed when she was pregnant imperma blitzed maan its awesomme

Answer #4

my friend was a crack baby and she had complications at birth and was born with a whole on the roof of her mouth…..but there are kids born with much worse conditions

Answer #5

Well, my mother was a smoker (just cigarettes, thankfully), and I’m generally healthy, except for my epilepsy, so I was lucky. My sister, though, was born with a world of problems. My cousin was born to a mother (my aunt only by marriage) who smoked a lot of weed, and he was born with a cleft pallet…he also had epilepsy and ended up dying when he was 20. There’s no solid proof that there was a connection, but I think there was.

Answer #6

Aww :<

Answer #7

Omg I’m so sorry to hear/read that :((

Answer #8

Same here :/

Answer #9

I’m epileptic as well and have never conneccted that could be possibly connected to my mothers drug usage…hmm.

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