Worst side-effects ever experienced from recreational drugs

What are some of the worst side effects you’ve ever experienced from doing a recreational drug?

Answer #1

Besides general hangovers and headaches?

Being so sick (puking) all night that I could barely move the next day, and sometimes got ruptured blood vessels in my eye from straining to puke so hard.

Drugs force your kidneys and liver to work overtime, because they are poison to your system, and you can get very de-hydrated. Once I took WAY too much acid when I was a teenager and didn’t come down for days, for months afterward, I could never remember what day it was, phone numbers, including my own, and I had problems walking. Also I was very, very paranoid and twitchy. Similar stuff happened to someone I know with taking E.

Also some hard drugs, with repeated exposure can cause psychosis.

But the number one, all time WORST side effect of drugs that I personally ever experienced, is addiction. It is possible to be addicted to just being high, or to one drug, or to a bunch of kinds and yes, weed, or at least the feeling of it, can be addictive.

Answer #2

Amen sista! Testify!

You made some good points there

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