How does cranberry juice help you lose weight?

Basicly the title. A lot of questions of "How can I lose weight" is answered by drinking cranberry juice.

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Okay the ONLY way to LOSE weight drinking cranberry juice is :

NO 1. You MUST buy ONLY Oceanspray Cranberry Juice. YES it does have quite a lot of sugar in it, but it has very little fat, and the sugar can keep you going without needing much food all day and ALL evening!

NO 2. You MUST eat LESS food, and only do walking and low impact exercise (as exercise just makes you hungry). If you eat less food, youll be able to because the Cranberry Juice/Iced water combo will keep you feeling 'okay' whilst you successfully starve yourself.

For example - all I ate today was 1/2 apple for breakfast, 1 egg cooked in the microwave for lunch, and all im going to eat for dinner is a VERY small portion of lean chicken with NO oil when cooking and thats all ill probably eat ALL DAY.

That is how to get thin.

Exercise is just too damn hard. Accept it. Noone can be bothered! Especially not Me!
Love ya!

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your wrong ocean spray does help you lose weight because my friend and I tried drinking a half glass of it every night for almost a month now and we lost 20 to 25 pounds each! :)

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Cranberry juice will not help you lose weight! It will help you gain weight as it is loaded with sugar and carbs. Cranberry juice (with sugar) will only worsen a urinary tract infection (Ocean Spray, etc.) If you need cranberry juice to treat a UTI, it has to be pure cranberry juice - no added sugars. Next time you see a bottle, check out the label. Cranberry juice at night is even worse. Excess carbs convert into sugar when you're sleeping. No carbs after 7 p.m. That's my rule. I don't drink juice. I drink water and iced tea. If I need my coffee or tea sweetened, I use Sweet and Low. Many people argue that artificial sweeteners are cancerous...I'm not sure how true or legit that theory is. All I know is that artificial sweeteners keep my weight down...If I drank juice and ate chocolate all day, I'd be a cow. So, I'd rather just have the chocolate. If you really want to lose weight, just drink water. You'd be amazed by how many calories you're not consuming by staying away from juice. In fact, you'd be even more amazed if you consumed more lean protein (chicken, eggs, and fish) and cut your carbs portions (rice, pasta, bread). Don't cut out carbs completely, but be smarter about your choices. Eat wheat bread instead of white bread. Eat brown rice insead of white rice. I replaced all of my carbs with vegetables (canned, fresh, or frozen) or a salad. This especially helps me out during dinner time. It's worked great! Carbs at night are my worst enemy. Stay away! LOL Hope this helps!

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Well did you ever hear of drinking cranberry juice when you have a urinary tract infection??? Well when you drink cranberry juice it makes you potty a lot and also what the dude said above it cleans you out.

Take care now bye bye then...

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the girl talking about it want help you lose weight but make you gain weight. you dont know what you are talking about. cranberry juice will make you lose weight. it makes you poop a lot. everytime you poop your body is getting rid of unwanted material and fat. so when the juice gets in your system it help speed up your body to make you poop. the more you poop the more your body clean itself. so go and take your crazy statement to oprah we dont want to hear it. ya heard me.

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It cleanses the fat in your blood and replenishes your immune system.

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