How do you stop hair loss ?

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I just went through some tips which I think very natural and no need of money. You can have a look on those easy natural tips here

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I really don't think there is a way to stop hair loss, especially if something is medically wrong with you. I haven't found any way to stop my hair from falling out but I also have a medical condition.

Some things that I do to help from losing so much hair is to use a hair brush has less prongs also kids suave shampoo/conditioner is good also. And keep your hair in lose pony tails if you have to.


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there aren't any ways to get rid of it,
but theres like some professional powder
and it actually looks like you have lots of
hair, because my family doesn't have such
great hair, and my aunt is the worst, and
someone put powder in it, and it loooked ahhmazing,
I don't know what brand though.

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Hi there,

I had hair loss too but when i had tried using

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There are more remedies for hair loss like Nioxin and Reloxe. I've heard they are best in hair regrowth!

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Just take vitamins for hair loss and decrease stress in life and eat healthy foods!

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