How do you get over muscle stiffness?

My wife and I moved this weekend, and my muscles hurt. Everywhere. Is there anything I can do to speed the recovery, as I feel really stiff from lifting boxes, furniture, computers...etc. Is it as simple as "drink water and stretch?" or is there something else I can do, too?

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Stretching is good, drinking water, relaxing, hot baths...

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Stretching really is the best way to do it, but also hot baths with muscle soak (radox is good). But stretching really is the best way to get over muscle stiffness. Am not sure how drinking water helps though. Hope I was helpful.

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Take a bath in warm water with epsom salts. Use IcyHot or another muscle relaxer enfused with mint oil, or just get some peppermint oil and have your wife massage where you are sore. Of course she'll expect you to return the favor, I'm sure.
My boyfriend and I moved in May and that is what we both did.

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