How do welfare moms live like this?

I can’t imagine being home all day, every day of my life with my kid. I realize that most welfare parents who are so by choice are lazy people, but how can anyone possibly be this lazy?

I took a semester off to spend more time with my son. (Seeing as I have the time and money to do so.) I wanted to help him through a particularly hard transition after he told us about some of the horrible things his mother did to him and we’ve decided it would be best if she didn’t see him, again.

It’s only two months in and I’m already bored out of my mind. Once the house is spotless, you’ve made every meal for the day and the mail is in, there is absolutely nothing to do and watching The Little Mermaid is only thrilling the first or second time. I know the entire movie, Coraline, by heart and I’ve colored enough pictures to wallpaper a room.

Not only are people on welfare leeching off of society, but don’t they get seriously bored?

Answer #1

I like how the arguments got set up here. Very nice to not even be arguing the same points.

Closeted Individual, yeah I don’t get it either. I know people that stay at home with their kids while their partner works, like amanda, but I can’t do it. I’d have to go out everyday, get the kids out, me out, whatever. I can’t feel like I did anything when I stay at home all day. That being said, just staying at home with a young child/children is something to be commended for. More parents need to raised their own kids, instead of paying other people to do so.

Ichibanarky, you really need to reread what he posted. There are a significant portion of people on the US welfare system that are there simply because they can be. These people have no motivation and only live to be a drain. This does not mean all are like that. I have met people from both sides. The US welfare system is not set up to encourage a person to get off of it. The system is made for hand outs. It was formed during a time when these hand outs were necessary.

I don’t believe that is the case at the time. Yes times are hard, but there are government programs for damned near everything in the US. Instead of being on welfare people could apply to other programs to increase their level of education, or expand their trade skills. This is not usually the case. Most people on welfare will drift one one dead end job to another. This does not mean they are lazy, this does not mean that they do not want to work, it does mean that most people on welfare do not understand what services are there to help them, or they do not have the perserverance to push through the government bureaucracy and ensure they get the assistance they need.

Question though, how does the government expect someone to work 12 hours a day at minimum wage and still have the time to travel to a government office (only open 9-5), so that said person can interview/discuss/create a plan to get off welfare or get a better job?

Answer #2

They are never satisfied is what I’ve come to realize. One of my older sisters is 35 years old with 3 kids. I’m 19 and I’ve never seen her have a job in her life. She complains all the time because she never has money and she always feels like everybody looks down on her because of the kind of place she lives in. She doesn’t watch her kids well and leaves it up to me and my other two sisters to watch them. She’s always out working on her cars or sitting on the computer. She complains that she has no job but she doesn’t apply anywhere because she doesn’t really want to work. She just wants money. She has free health care for her and the kids but doesn’t even use it. Her teeth are half rotted and never take her kids to the doctor or dentist or anything and makes up a million and 1 excuses to why she doesn’t use it. Our money (applies to all people that work) is going towards these kinds of people and they don’t even use the money. I would really like to know where the money DOES go. She lives like this, because she doesn’t care. She is lazy and doesn’t like the idea of working. She wants money for not doing anything and that’s what she is getting. She knows how to work around the system and she’s not the only one like this. 30% of people on welfare are like this and it is a fact that can’t be argued. I feel bad for the other 70% that really did lose their jobs and can’t find another and actually try to help themselves out. They are the real people that deserve it.

Answer #3

and what kind of mother would say that they could not imagine being with their kid everyday of their life.

im not saying there is anything wrong with getting a babysitter or daycare. or just having time to yourself. but when you become a mom isnt that what you sign on for.

for a child who depends on you to meet his/her every need for years and years to come. and you say you want to spend time with your son to help him through this tough situation then if this were true I really dont see how you are that bored. being a stay at home mom is not just about keeping the house spotless and the meals made. its about actually being a mom and bonding and spending time with your child to help them grow into healthy, well rounded individuals.

and last the title to your question is

“how do welfare moms live like this” you mean staying at home everyday with there child. what does that have to do with being on welfare. there a tons of moms who stay at home everyday with their children, whom are not on welfare… would you say they are lazy?

my point is just that there are so many moms who have no help either and are stay at home moms so how can you even generalize staying home with being on welfare. somebody really needs to grow up.

Answer #4

Staying in the house is bound to get boring, you just have to make the most of it. If you’re unhappy staying in, take your son out to the park or do something so that you can enjoy your day. He’ll enjoy it, too. Do other things with him too. Play with toys, try teaching him some words (if he’s old and young enough), make some crafts with him, take him for walks. Be creative!

I really have to agree with ichibanarky, though. Not most people are lazy system users. Surely there are some that are, but there are a lot of people who have no other choice. Even then, they’re seriously limited with the money. It’s not as enjoyable for them either. I don’t think I’ve ever heard one person say that it was fun or easy.. When we first moved to where I am my dad was on welfare, but this was because he couldn’t find a job. And we struggled. Seriously.

Anyways, I’m not here to lecture. I hope you and your son find some interesting things to do!

Answer #5

I agree with ichbanarky, you need to grow up and stop making rude generalizations about people. Honestly, go back to work if you’re bored?

Answer #6

true I agree with ichibanarky,,you really dont know their reasons maybe you should look at your self first before you start pointing fingers

Answer #7

I was 17 when I had my first child and yes I had to go on welfare but the truth is child care was to much and so was rent and food and all that good stuff but I was not lazy I just had no choice because I was a single mom . Not fun btw you need to not judge people because not all of us choose to be on it. Your truly, Demika Ray

Answer #8

to FAU… what the f**k gives you the right to call single mothers on welfare lazy…you don’t no nethn about them…I’m a single mother on 230.00e a week and by the time I have food and bills paid for I have about 20e left…now wit that how the hell am I sposed ta pay for childcare…if I could I would get a job but you do realise this country is in a recession and childcare costs are crazy…so you really need to think about whatyou say before you say it…people like you are a disgrace judging people when you don’t even know their circumstances

Answer #9

I agree I’d rather be at home with my children raising them myself than some stranger doing it. I am a stay at home mother also and I don’t ever find myself bored.My 2 boys keep me plenty busy. But then I also do other things than clean and cook I’ve been working on a flower garden for a while,so I guess its easier to keep busy when you have some hobbies also.

Answer #10

I said those who are on welfare by choice. I know my share of those sorts. Maybe you should learn to read more carefully. That’s not generalizing, that’s picking out a very specific group of them, of which, I know my share and yet, I feel inclined to leave personal examples out of this.

Perhaps you should read a question more carefully before you allow it to upset you so much.

Answer #11

I am married with 4 kids. My husband works and I stay home. I have been doing this for 17 years. I did start to get really bored the first year. I thought I would go crazy. Then I started exercising and lifting weights. I don’t have a whole lot of extra time in the day now. I hardly sit still. I do miss socializing with other adults. I go on funadvice when I do feel a little bored and I’m to tired to do something physical. I also got a bicycle trailor so I ride my bike and pull my kids behind me. It’s a great workout and the kids love it. By the way I’m not on welfare, we’re just a single income family. I also do a pretty big garden in the summer, so I can a lot. There is plenty to do when you have 4 kids.

Answer #12

no doubt most of them hate the subsistence income, but love their children as much as do you. they’re home because they’re trapped and have a sense of responsibility. imagine if they unloaded the kids and ^got a real life^ (by your standards); what would that do for our society? sure there are those who abuse the system, but how many others wish that they could have done things differently and see your options as sheer heaven? the welfare parent and those who rely on disability or SSI, would love to have a better life. being poor and having to stay that way in order to not lose the little bit of support you get is not only tedious; it’s demoralizing. don’t be quick to judge. walk a mile in their moccasins.

Answer #13

I am a stay at home mom I am not on welfare my husbands supports us so I can stay home with our child rather than a daycare practically raising her and witnessing all the first steps and words. and while it would be easier to go to work and earn a decent income being that I do have an education, I rather enjoy being with my child everyday. it does get tireing at times and imiss working but I honestly wouldnt give up the time we have had just her and I. maybe staying home is just not for you. I for one could not imagine not being with my child everyday. and that is in no way a reflection of laziness.

Answer #14

Hmm, I thought you were spending time with your son? Do stuff with him I guess? Zoos, outings? And I have no idea… Personally, I’d go crazy without something to do every day. I know someone who’s been living off money they inherited… Not that it’s enough to spend outrageously, but it is enough to live off decently, so they dont work… She visits other housewives…

perhaps you could have phrased your question in a little less controversial manner, it really does sound like you’re attacking welfare moms, and most of those (maybe not the ones you know but statistically) have jobs but still cannot afford to pay all their bills…

Answer #15

Did you just say most welfare parents are lazy people? What gives you the right to make that judgment?

Perhaps there are some who don’t belong on the system, but you’re not giving much credence to those who really have no alternative.

So, you can’t stand staying home - do you think all people on welfare prefer to stay home? Do you honestly think they wouldn’t rather be out working and making a decent income? In case you haven’t noticed, being on welfare isn’t exactly easy living.

You seriously need to stop generalizing…you don’t know their reasons, you don’t know their problems and you have no right to pass judgment.

Answer #16

You just assume all these people choose this way of life…there you go - assuming…still makes you judgmental.

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