How do scottish people view americans?

I'm an american college student and lately I have been self conscious about the way most of the world hates the country I live in. I'm extremely interested in the rest of the world and was just wondering how do scots view us as a people?

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Most people I know (I'm Scottish) don't like Americans as a general concept, but wouldn't dislike a specific American they met on principle. It is really annoying that they seem to think that England is the only place that's "British". We don't much like England... If you want us to like you DON'T tell us that our "English" accents are awesome! This kept happening to my friend when she went to America. We make jokes and stuff about how Americans are all stupid and fat, but the majority of us are smart enough to realise that the stereotypes are not true for all Americans. I think most of us think America is pretty cool, though we might not want to admit it! Oh, and it annoys us that you've changed the English language!

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Scotland gave the United States Rednecks and Hillbillies... since we seem to be the scourge of the earth... I can see why the country we crawled out from under would want to disown us.

As for the whole 'British' controversy... in modern parlance it is correct to include the Scots... but historically the Britanni settled south of Hadrians wall. In fact... Scotland is composed of more Angles than historic Britons... especially the lowlands... so English isn't that far fetched... but I will let the Scots sort it all out for themselves...

I'm partially descended from rednecks... read Scots... and I am proud of my roots... not that I had anything to do with them... if modern Scots disown me... to hell with the lot of them... I would be remiss to describe myself as anything but American... as my Scottish descendents cast off the mantle of the United Kingdom and tyrannical Europe before establishing this country.

Having said all this... I do tend to drape myself in the accomplishments and accolades attributed to Scotland and the UK as a whole as a means of stroking my ego when ignoramuses belittle my southern redneck culture and heritage... not that it is lacking... but Scotland and England give the South the vast majority of its culture

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Well using the word 'British' when you mean 'English' doesn't help, Scotland is part of Britain, and Wales also.

I'm Scottish and now live in New York. I wouldn't say Scottish, or British, people really hate Americans it's just that the main view is that most Americans are ignorant of the rest of the world, and don't care to learn more anyway, which gives the impression that Americans are a little stupid concerning anything outside their own borders. Mostly I think it geographical ignorance, or incorrect stereotyping.

Of course this isn't always true, but I do get very annoyed when I meet someone who re-affirms this for me. And there is always the typical stereotypes which people think of for Americans, obese, in-bred redknecks, unintelligent etc. But there are a lot of people like that all over the world and there is no excuse for anyone to badly label any type of people from any country.

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haha nice clioact!!!

utopia, I understand how you feel I hate it how mexicans expect US! to learn spanish!!! " you moved here!!!" I also find it offensive when they talk in spanish infront of me. Like they take advantage of there 1st language and talk to eachother right infront of me! They could be talking about my best frined, anyways its rude. I know how you feel!

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My answer was regarding the arrogance of Americans...
yours was just spewing hatred for Latinos...

If I thought there was ANYTHING about me that was like you (I go on your responses to other questions, especially the one about gay marriage) I would get a gun and do myself in.

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because I've already looked at the ones concerning British and Irish views. :) just want to know which of our english speaking cousins is the least ignorant towards the "american stereotype"

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I think it depends on the scottish city...

why are you only concerned about what the scottish think?

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scottish people hate americans because their accents are usually mistaken for another countries accent and then we are considered "stupid americans"

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I find the american stereotype to be spot on.
I am american but lived in Europe. Every time I heard overly loud voices or saw someone throw a piece of trash on the ground...yep, always american.
For the most part, the americans were rude and insisted that everyone should speak english...
I hated to admit I was from here...wish I could have said Canada.

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I would hope to be liked by the Scottish people. I, as an American, have Scottish roots and after researching the Jacobite rebellions, have no respect for the murderers of the highland culture that my family came from. My family were the Stephens and Johns families and few escaped to America. I wish the Scots would have voted for and independent country several years ago and I so hope I can come "home" to live or at least to visit if welcome. But I am an American whether I like it or not. Scotland has my heart and I cry longing for her.

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I as an American with the genetic composition of 7 distinct different cultures. Quite frankly don't care what others think of my beloved country. For all the European worldliness on most of these blogs, I know, and so do the rest of you that MY country IS still the most sought after refuge and immigration destination in the entire world. You all hate us but still want to be us. Just sayin.

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I'm American and feel embarrassed and a bit let down that some Scottish people have come across certain American's that don't have a clue. I am sorry that some American's don't know how to act nor do they want to learn from others. I am visiting Scotland in a year and have been doing a ton of research on places to see and stay. I am hoping to learn from the Scottish people on my trip. I'm also researching about everyday life in Scotland so that I will be able to show the utmost respect to the people who live there (people live and work there, I'm just a guest in their country). Frankly, I feel that if people think Scotland is England (Scotland has never been England) then maybe they should go back to school to relearn Geography. I love traveling to other countries to meet new people and to learn about their lives. I have noticed that American's are rude, hateful and simply have no couth to themselves. There are exceptions of course, not all American's are that way but many are. Again, I apologize for the ignorance of certain American's.

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