How do people know freddie mercury was naturally left handed?

It is said that he was a left handed child but taught to be right handed. I can find no official imformation which states this. Were have all these people got this information? I know throughout his adult life he was nothing short of a complete right handed man. Through pictures and video I've seen him sign autographs, smoke cigarettes, hold the microphone, play instruments drink, gesture ect right handed. Please if you know give me the official source of this information . Thank you

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First of all, how'd you find out?

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I read a bio about Freddie. A former school mate told that when Freddie first came to boarding school he was left handed. That may have been where that filth about him being left handed originated.

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It is said he was gay too. I can't find any "official" info that confirms this so I'm just not buying it. I'm with you bro there's just an awful lot of filth out there about Freddie that frankly just isn't true.

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