How do people get into situations where they're being raped?

I’d really like to know how do people get into these situations where they have been raped? If you don’t feel comfortable answering, its fine just don’t answer. But I am really curious.

Answer #1

um they’re walking around alone at night and they’re snatched by some guy and the bad deed happens

that’s one situation

Answer #2

they trust the wrong people, and then get forced to do something they dont want to do.

Answer #3

Well, some people are raped by people that they love. Like kids can be raped by a parent or caretaker. Some females like to tease guys to the point that they can’t take it anymore… and some people are just in the wrong place at the wrong time!

Answer #4

thanks everyone for sharing your experiences and stories with me. I know I could never understand the real psycological and physical pain people who have been raped have suffered. But I really appreaciate the explanations tho!^^

Answer #5

I don’t c how people get raped either. how do you let someone ‘get inside u’ if you dont want them there? are they that weak? fight back girls!!

Answer #6

Some People… have Sick Parents. mostly Dads. who maybe get lonley? or just think of it.. and rape their kids. its very wrong! and I would wantit to STOP! I am not a victem. I have not been raped but others out there have and its terrible!

Answer #7

They walk alone at night, or in dangerous areas. Or are really pretty as to attract the attention of bad people.

Answer #8

I don’t know how any Smart adult person could be put in a situation to get raped… It’s sad that this happens though and I sincerely feel sorry for the victims, but only when it is a True case. There are many girls/women who file/claim rape because they are mad at that someone, or whatever. But the children who get raped is what is very very sad, they have no way of getting away or fighting back. Women who go out and get drunk or do drugs and end up raped, are actually asking for it, in my book, they probably wanted it at the time when they are drunk/on drugs. Also, women should know better than to be walking around somewhere alone especially when it’s dark, WAKE UP, be SMART, people just can’t do that, always be prepared!! People are sick and wrong and are out to get you as soon as you get alone or something like that where they can take advantage of you.. I don’t think it is only women who get raped though either.. It can happen to men, and lil boys too!! HOW SICK!!! Adults who get raped probably could have gotten out of the situation before it got bad.. So EVERYone needs to think twice before they allow themselves to get into a bad situation..

I hate it when women Go to bars… get real drunk, go home with some guy… Wake up in the morning and Claim RAPE.. that’s not rape!! That’s a stupid chick getting too drunk and allowing a guy to take advantage of her.. WRONG on the guys part too, but still, come on drunk woman, at the time, you wanted it!! I hate it when young teens/girls go out to a party or walk around town and get picked up by some guy “thinkin they are cool” the girls lie about their age, get in with the guys, and get it on with the guy shortly after, but.. when the teenagers parents find out, the young little girls say “They raped me, I didn’t do anything” THATS WRONG!! Those girls lied about their age and obviously wanted it at the time being too!!! I hate it when two people are in a relationship and the guy decides he is not in love/like with the girl anymore and tries to break it off.. The girl gets all upset and sad, and claims she will file rape on the guy cause she didn’t really want to do it, and he made her.. She’s stupid for saying that, when she did it, if she did it.. Then she wanted it!!! That’s not rape!! You know what I mean?!? But.. My thoughts and prayers do go out to the TRUE victims of Rape.. I hope you are able to recover from that terrible terrible situation.

Answer #9

about raping: can it be a public place? can it be in schools bathrooms? can it be in the middle of the street? can it be at a restaurant? can it be at my own house while I’m havin’ a party in the middle of my friends while were dancin’ or somethin? can it be in my backyard right infront of my family? can it be in an airplane? can it be in the car infront of a police station? can it be in a forest when I’m campin’ with my friends? can it be in detention with the teacher in class with us? can the guy who teaches me tennis rape me?!!! can a friend that I JUST met like 1-2 hours ago rape me? can a guy pull me from the street and rape me betwen a couple of plants? do I have to be aware everywhere I go? how can be aware? how do I stop him if I get in this situation? I’m truly scared!! HELP! my ex raped my best friend last night, I have no idea what to do! cause he’s still around!!! HELP MEEE PLEAEAEAEAEAEASSSE!! THANKS :’( :’( :’( (It’s also a question) but I coppied it here too!!

Answer #10

yeah its terriable and it happened to my freind and she remmembers it all the time and so do I yeah :):)

Answer #11

sometimes you could be with your boyfriend and hed be like drivin you home or just hanging otu and he’ll rape u… I know it happened to me…

Answer #12

well rape can happen anywhere, anytime, by anyone I know someone who was raped by a guy who seemed really nice and very trustworthy they went outside for a cigarette and things happened from there

its not all cliche like walking around alone at night, yeah that increases your chances, but really, it happens in the safest of places

Answer #13

Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to tell when you’re at risk- you could be in a room full of people you’ve known and trusted for years, and one of them could still pounce on you when you least expect it. It’s like asking a young child what a ‘bad guy’ looks like- they think of a bad guy wearing a black cape, having a pointy nose, eyebrows that point down in the middle of their forehead, etc. They might not suspect the nice guy at the park who offers them a lollipop to be a bad guy. In the same respect, you might not always recognise the person who might try to rape you.

Seeing the effects of these drugs on one of my friends once made me flip out- I knew she was only halfway through her first drink, we had eaten pizza only an hour before, and here she was stumbling around, giggling uncontrollably, falling all over the guy next to her. I got out one of my drug swizzle sticks (always take them into town on a night out), and tested her drink for drugs and it came out positive. My other friend and I just rushed her to a 24 hour doctors surgery as quick as we could. The spooky thing is, we always put a had over our drinks when we aren’t drinking them, so the bartender could have slipped them in for all we knew. I had know that bartender for a good few years, and I never would have picked him as someone with that intention. I don’t know it was definitely him, but it makes you wonder how safe you really are anywhere.

There are always way you can protect yourself. Those drug test swizzle sticks are available at loads of chemists, and if you can’t get them there, your chemist will know where you can get them. They’re a couple of dollars each, but it’s worth the price. Also, going out in the evening in groups of three or more, always having a charged cellphone with at least five dollars credit on it. I always keep a $20 note in my bra or in the band of my sock, just in case my bag gets snatched or something, so I can get a cab home. All it takes is a little bit of planning and thought, and you can boost your safety dramatically.

I recommend every girl takes a self defence class- the techniques you learn can get you out of really tough situations, be it being caught from behind, approached with a knife, or getting out of a pinned-down position. I heard of one girl who was so determined against her attacker that when he pinned her down with his chest, she bit the tip of his nose off. She escaped with it, and handed it into the police, saying “If a guy shows up at Accident and Emergency with half his nose missing, he’s the guy who tried to rape me”.

Answer #14

well I was almost raped a few years ago not only me but my lil sister and well it was my mom ex boyfriend who lived with us he would come in when I was sleeping and start touching in places I didnt want to be touched and I would always tell him to leave me a lone and I would always call for my bro but if it was for bro being there all those times I would od had been a victim and my lil sister well she had her in my mom bed with her pants off and I was able to stop it before anything actually happen we did report him and hes still in jail. also we arent the ones the put ourselves in this situations there are just a lot of sick people in this world!!

Answer #15

Wow to the 2 people above me… its one of those situations that you probably wont understand untill it happens to you. I know a lot of people who have been raped.Even if someone put themselves in the situation, when you say No, it means no. Just because you put yourself there, doesnt give the “rapist” the right so have their way with you. I am a victim of rape.I’m 16 I may not be adult, and I don’t know everything, but I do know a lot. I did go and hang out with a close friend, who I hung out with a lot. Yes it was at his house. And yes we were alone, but he was a friend and we had had movie night and things like that before. He kissed me, and I told him I was flattered, but I didnt feel the same way, but he kept kissing me, and I did push him off, and did fight back. But when someone is a lot bigger than you are, a lot stronger than you are, what are you to do. I fought with everything, and even screaming No, lashing out at him, he held me down, and I couldn’t move. When I was able to move, I kept fighting him and sliced his face with a letter opener that was on the small table next to the couch that he raped me on. Now every day when he looks in the mirror, he has the scar of a reminder of what he did to me. Rape is scary, the scariest thing I’ve ever gone through. My Aunt was also raped, and she’s smart, she’s an adult, 34 years old. When You’re having a gun held to your head, and you cant fight someone off, what do you do? there’s nothing that you can do. So for these people who are saying that they dont know how a smart adult could get raped, open your mind a little but, just because your smart, doesnt mean that it can’t happen.

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