How do i tell my parents that i lost my new phone?

I just lost my new phone and I dont know how to tell them. I am scared because my parents are relly strict people. I dont know how to tell them? what do I do

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The sooner you do it the better. The longer you leave it the more you'll get nervous about telling them. Make sure they know that you have looked everywhere and you are really sorry.

Ahh I know how you feel =/


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MOst of the time there is no good or bad way to tell any one anything you just need to do it...they will be upset for a little while and then they will get over it hey they might not even get upset.

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make a scene in front of them..let your eyes give on or two tear drops..let them feel you are panicked...
they will try to console you instead!!

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Tell your parents the truth. They will understand. Just make sure you looked everywhere before you come to conclusions. Good Luck!~!~!~!


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Try calling your mobile from a different phone. Usually I think that I've lost my phone or whatever but I find it after making a big deal about it. Sometimes you might just be panicking since you are afraid of your parents, but it will probably turn up. I would completely sure that I have definitely 100% lost it before telling my parents - losing your phone is one thing but losing your parent's trust is another. However, if it has been quite a while that you've lost your phone then I would say definitely go and tell your parents. If they find out themselves that you have lost it and haven't told them then you will be in worse trouble than if you had told them. If you have only lost it for a day or whatever then you could say that you were still looking for it but never say that you hadn't noticed you had lost it because then they would really think that you are irresponsible.

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First.. check EVERYWHERE. The car, under your bed, in pockets, even check the washer. Ha ha, those are all places I've found my phone.

If you can't find it, just tell them. They can call and turn the service to that phone off. That way if someone finds it or has stolen it, they can't use it to run up minutes.

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Also, call or visit places you went before you lost your phone. ASk if anyone turned in a phone.

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just go in front of them and stik your hand in your poket and act surprised, when they ask wats wrong, just tell them the truth,...

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