How do I stop a bully?


I’m in middle school (8th Grade) and I’m being bullied a lot. Everyday when I go to school they either call me gay,fag or some other derogatory word. I have been bullied by a couple of students this past year and I am honestly tired of it. I’m thinking about telling my teacher about it, but if I do than the bully will find out it was me and will continue the harrasment. He says that when we go to high school next year his 12th grade friends will beat the crap out of me.

Please Help.

Answer #1

this guy is a complete moron the best thig you can do is not fight back becaue that will just make him harass and bully you more do tell your teachers, and possibly even principal they need to know whats happening so they can help stop it bullying isnt tolerated at any school and all teachers need to do what they can to stop it you can also request to be removed or for him to be removed from your classes and tell your parents too they need to know whats going on if your in a situation were youve had enough and feel like insaulting him, call HIM gay insaulting a guys sexuality pisses them off or say something like”‘ you must be gay if you keep harassing me, why do you follow me all the time do have have a crush on me’’” that might make him stop being a wanker but yes, do tell your teachers dont fight him unless your in a situation were you have to fight back if you need to fight back to defend yourself, obviously go for his gentiles because thats wear it hurts a lot and will usually make the guy unable to move maybe in time the idiot will realise fighting doesnt proove anything, hes just wasting his time/like being a moron you can also try ignoring him, because hes probably looking for attention and when you dont give him that attention, he should get tired of you after a while

Answer #2

Dear apaicanada, It’s not you with the problem it’s the Bully you should tell your teacher and he won’t to anything to you, when bullies threaten you they don’t actually do the thing. Stand up for yourself and tell him to stop Good Luck! Dustyforever

Answer #3

I disagree with all the comments here. I would just tell a teacher or a parent honesly. TRUST ME!!! If you tell them they will help. In the long run they wil keep getting worst. Tell a parent then they will talk to the other children and work it out. If they don’t stop after that well stand up for yourself. Its NEVER good to fight. Hope I helped ;}

Answer #4

Ok. I get bullied. For 5 long years. I’ve made mistakes from this. Tell someone soon so you have major problems like I do. It only will get worse if you don’t do anything. Trust me. I know.

Answer #5

Call the police there are to many young children commiting suicide because of bullies, CALL THE PO___LICE!!!

Answer #6

ever try fighting them? like not literally punch them in the face or anything but like try harassing them. or something. like try to scare them. I guess it’s different whether you’re a dude or a chick but if they say something mean to you then say something mean to them

Answer #7

stand up 2 him you can’t let him get 2 you. tell the pricable or your parents you have 2 show him your not afraid because bullies all they want is for you 2 be afraid of them. I get bullied a lot and in 7th grade I would go home cying because of what they did. You can’t let him stop you hope I helped

Answer #8

tell me where they live jk jk ; ] but seriously dont let that happen tell them to stop the 1st time if they dont stop just go crazy…nobody likes to deal with a crazy person! scare the hell out of them and if it doesnt end tell someone because bullying leads to stuff that really isnt a good thing so it needs to stop as soon as possible…tell someone!!

Answer #9

Thinking about telling the teacher? Don’t think tell the teacher. And next year just don’t go to the high school that all of them are going to. Have a fresh start. Tell your perents what is going on so they consider some action on this too. Don’t tell them anathing. It won’t bring you anathing just let the be, tell an adult and leave them behind once you go to highschool The only thing that they are doing is traying to get attencion and traying to be cool because I bet you if they didn’t do that they would be the bullied ones.

Answer #10

This used to happen to me all the time. I solved it the wrong way, best thing to do is start by talking to the principal. Give the names and a list of what these kids do to you, and he/she should be able to handle it. Next step would be a restraining order, and those stick with you for life so if it got to that level well too bad for them they shouldn’t be bullying in the first place, you know?

Answer #11

Don’t fight back, don’t you ever sink to their level. They’re just a bunch of immature babies. You can fight back, with your mouth. Yell at them and stand up for yourself. If you show that you’re not afraid people will back off. If they don’t they’re just a bunch of morons who can’t grow up. Inform teachers and walk in places where you’re under surveyance (teachers are around).

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