How do I potty train my dog?

I’ve had my new pup for 3 days and I cant get her to perform outside . I take her outside after she’s eaten and drank and I use the same word to encourage her( toilet) , but she just lies on the ground and looks up at me !! So I take her out 10 mins after that and 10 mins after that and so on… Then , after I’ve been trying for 2 and a half hours , I go and sit down for a bit and I come back and she’s performed…inside! Its really frustrating…how can I get her to go outside? Also , she doesnt show signs of wanting to go , she doesnt pace around and sniff or anything…she just goes! When she poos and wees in the wrong place what should I do to make her see that its not where she’s supposed to go ? I’d appreciate your advice …thanks!! xx

Answer #1

I definately would not punish her for peeing and pooing. When you were a baby did your parents yell at you for peeing and pooing — nooo. You just went where ever you were. Of coarse you were wearing a diaper so clean up was a cinch. But you went where ever you were. I know cleaning this crap up is exhausting sometimes but here are some suggestions. Put her in a crate at night - first thing in the morning - pick her up and run outside - put her down — preferrable close to a spot where you have placed one of her poops (she will sniff it and get the idea) or a soaked paper towel with her pee on it - just put it on the lawn and let her sniff it - dogs have great noses. Squeeze her tummy a little bit - exercise her - let her drink some water - eventually she will pee. Once she does - its party time - treats, praise, yippeee! Now every time she eats or wakes up from a nap or basically every 2 or 3 hours for puppies take her to the same spot and let her sniff it. After 2 times she is basically trained. Its your responsibility to get her outside for pees. She is too young to tell you she needs to pee - you have to figure out every 2 hours or so. When she gets older she will tell you but for now thats your job to anticipate this.
You can also buy scented doggie pee pads for inside and they do work.
Good luck with your little girl. Your little one is just too young for punishment right now.

Answer #2

im having the exact same problem. I’ve had my dog for 2 weeks now and hes 16 weeks old. I take him out first thing in the morning, he goes pee and poo outside, but as soon as he comes inside he goes right again as if he stopped halfway outside and finished in the house! it is extremily frustrating to the point that I end up crying and hating my puppy. I take him out right after he eats and drinks, and same thing happens. I take him out right before we go to bed and right when he comes inside and I go to the bathroom or leave the room for just a second, he poops again. He doesnt make any noise, or sniff and circle around or anything to let me know that he needs to go and I watch him at all times. Everytime he goes inside I yell at him “No, bad boy!” and he cowards and runs to hide under the bed. I take him outside and leave him out there by himself for 15 minutes each time, so maybe he will get the idea that if he goes inside he is being punished by being sent outside alone. HELP!!

Answer #3

okay well one thing you want to not do is stick her nose in the place where she pees shell want to pee there more, well encourage her to pee outside 30 minutes after she eats and drinks praise her and reward her when she does oh and watch animal planets It`s Me or the Dog, thatll help a lot, okay?

Answer #4

Here are several helpful tips that you can use to potty train your pup:

  1. You should start crate training your puppy as early as possible. When your sleeping, at work, or whenever you’re unable to watch him, your pup should be inside his crate. At first, your puppy will cry but this will not take long. Once your pup is used to staying in his crate, he will also enjoy the experience. The crate should not serve as a punishment for your pup but it should be clear to your pup that it is his own room. Don’t try pushing your pup inside the crate. You can use a specific command to let him go inside. Potty training can be compared to taking care of a baby. You have to take it outside in the wee hours of the morning or during lunch time, so be very patient.

  2. Choose one area in your yard where you will take your pup. Use a leash to guide your pup so that you can be sure that he’s heading to the right direction. Stay in the yard for about ten minutes and if he doesn’t pee or poop, take him inside. After about thirty minutes, you can take your pup out again. Play time for your puppy should serve as a reward so you only allow him to play once he’s finished doing his ‘thing’. Your puppy will learn faster if you use only one command every time you take him out so make sure that you establish a single command so that your dog will not get confused.

  3. If your puppy goes outside to potty on his own, don’t forget to give him a treat so that your puppy will think that he’s done something good. Soon he will come to know that in order to receive a treat, he must potty outside.

  4. Don’t let your puppy wander inside the house unattended because this will only give way to possible accidents. You can use a tether so that when your puppy is out of sight, you can use it to get his attention.

  5. When you’re potty training, it would be best to take your pup outside every hour. This way, your puppy will learn faster.

  6. Try to keep a journal to monitor the progress of your puppy. By doing so, you can determine how long it takes before your pup has to go.

  7. Teach your pup to ring the bell or bark when he’s going to pee or poop. This may take time but afterwards, you will be very pleased that your dog makes an effort to inform you that he needs to go outside.

Follow these tips and your pup will be a well-behaved companion for life.

Answer #5

Well…three days isn’t anything!!! You might as well plan on DEVOTING YOURSELF to potty training for 10 days to 2 weeks … You’re doing the right things…after naps after eating…immediately outside…DO NOT COME IN UNTIL SHE GOES POTTY…even if it’s half an hour…

Here’s the instructions I’ve given on this site many many times…

The number one ingredient to have a house trained dog is…VIGILANCE. You must make housetraining your ‘mission in life’ for anywhere from 10 days to two weeks. Keep slip-on’s by the back door, and a bathrobe or something quick to get into handy…because for this two weeks…housetraining will be your mission.

Your goal is…to beat the puppy to the punch…You’ll learn his signals just by doing all that vigilance…like they’ll start sniffing, and circling…you pick him up and take him out BEFORE he goes…Rules of thumb are also…For puppies, take him out immediately when he wakes up (do not let him follow you to the door…pick him up and carry out the door)…take out immediately after eating. During play a little puppy should be taken out every 20 minutes or so (aren’t you glad they sleep so much?? )

Crate the pup whenEVER you cannot watch it (when you leave, or are ultra busy)…instinct is for them to not dirty their nest…so make sure the crate is only big enough to stand up, turn around, etc…A new puppy will need to get out once during the night…but that only lasts a week or so…You don’t want the puppy having to go so bad he dirties his nest…you do NOT want to break that instictive barrier…once that’s happened it’s hard to undo.

When you get the pup outside…say ‘pee pee’ or whatever…then love them up BIG when they go…this will get them to go on command, and save you from having hang out and wait in the future. A pup can learn to go on command by 3 months old.


If the puppy does pee or poop in the house…roll up a newpaper, and hit YOURSELF in the head, repeating the words…”I didn’t watch my puppy”…

Answer #6

so far those are all great… also one way to get him to realize hes been a ‘bad dog’ when he goes inside is to put his nose in it and make him smell it… and you can even use your stern voice and say no, bad dog, you dont go in the house! it sounds kinda cruel, but its not… you wont hurt him and he’ll learn quicklike not that he should go outside. and when he goes outside, love him up and praise him and alternate giving him treats with petting or extra play or extra belly rub or something, whatever. hope that helps!

Answer #7

hey I have a dog to but what you need to do is wait for a wile and if you can get a dog flap with mine I tuck it for 2 walk a day and let her out the back dog but you have to let her out for 5 min in the back garden so the best thing is for you to sit in the garden and let her do her thing with the door shut… my dad dies it at night lol well I hope I’ve helped byeee xx

Answer #8


WHen she messes in the house soak up the pee with some kitchen roll and put it on the grass or wherever you want her to go and place her poo on top. Then clean the carpet with a biological washing power/liquid which will break down the smell. ALso disinfect it (patch test carpet to ensure colour wont come out!).

When you take pup out to the toilet take her over to where her poo etc is so she can smell it then keep on talking to her repeating your words for going to the toilet in a soft encouraging voice.

If she doesnt go immediately and just lies down then try playing with her outside for a bit because that can sometimes get them ready to go to the toilet. Otherwise patience, patience, patience and dont tell her of if she goes in the house as she will then b frightened to go in your presence.

Gem x

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