How do I get my system totally clean for any drug test?

I have been going to school for about a year now and the school got me a really nice, high paying, job. All I’ve been doing is going to school and doing odd jobs for money. No jobs where I live. Now I have to clean my system out fior these job interviews that could be tomarrow, or next week. I’ve stopped smoking and I need something thorough, and not some fly by night,”you know my cousin did this and he passed.” kinda thing. Something real and not too expensive. It takes thirty days for my system to clean itself. I dont have that long. Thank you.

Answer #1

hm, shouldnt be f*n up and doin drugs.

Answer #2

There is no remedy they are all fly by night.

Answer #3

im not looking for a remedy im asking for a process. foods or vitamines or something that will speed up the process. and im not trying to trick the test, im wanting to be clean, inorder to pass

Answer #4

Drink plenty of water, excercise and get your metabolism up and running. Its takes awhile to clean out your system but this can help speed it up. Its not a miracle and not gonna speed it up greatly but it may cut off a few days of time, which by your questions seems like you don’t have.

Answer #5

sorry love but my mates tried every thing to clean them selves for a drug test. But its in your hair everything!.. Your gna have to detox. Drink herbal tea’s there good. Ya can get them in health shops or super markets.. But you really cant go near another joint cause every little detail shows up on the test.. So ya’d wanna be careful..

Answer #6

If you have to p*ss in a cup just have someone pee on your shirt.Wring it out when your in the stall =/ .Or if it’s a needle test say you have needlephobia or something dumb like that.

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