How do i get bigger thighs?

Im a very skinny person..and I dont mind it too much but I hate my chicken legs and arms.. I have very tiny thighs and arms... I feel very flimsy even though I am toned... any thing I can do to gain a good kind of weight

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id kill to be that skinny embrace you thin thighs and arms love them i would!!!

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Okay, so here is a tip from someone who works out 5 days a week and is joining the Marine Corps. To get bigger thighs (I try to tone mine) try this simple leg workout that I have created for myself.

15-min. Run
Leg Extension - 5 sets of 100 50 20 12 10
Leg Curl - 5 sets of 15 12 10 7
Squat - 5 sets of 15 12 10 10 7
Angled Leg Press - 5 sets of 15 12 10 10 7

In doing this, try to focus on technique. Don't go too fast because then you are using your body's momentum, and you don't want that. Also, focus on the quadtriceps and other leg muscles as this helps your body "flex" the muscle to give it better contraction and workout. On squats, keeping your back straight is a must. If not, you risk yourself for major injury. Do this exercise 3 days a week for 30-60 minutes.Add weight as reps decrease to build the muscle bigger and stronger. Hope this helps you, and good luck. I am 16 years old, and all these workouts are created and combined to maximize leg growth and tone.

Aleks Golub, Future USMC

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i've always had the problem losing it not gaining it but you don't want to gain weight the way i do but if i had to give you some healthy ways to gain i would say to start working out if you don't already and do excersices that will work your thishs and calfs muscles and you should gain some weight on your legs and that will be the good kind muscle well i hope i was of some help good luck

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I have the same problem like I have nice legs but it kinda hurt when I wanna wear 4 inch heels which I love because they really make your butt look bigger. but I have a really small waist and long legs for my height but my thighs are not big enough for those size heels and those are the only heels I wanna wear and until my thighs grow my mama wont buy me anymore. Can someone help PLEASE!!!??

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trust me you dont want bigger thighs they make you feel fat and flabby xx

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Don't run, running makes it harder to build muscle. Eat lots of protein and carbs. I like gain_sum_weight_blake workout... JUST DON"T RUN IF YOU WANT TO BUILD MUSCLE!!! If you are also just to lose weight run but eat lots of protein before doing so.

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I am VERY thin for my age. My thighs are like sticks and I try everything to make them bigger, however, not much has been working. I run cross country for school and my calves have gotten bigger, but not my thighs. My problem is that I don't fit into many jeans. =[ I need to gain thigh muscle! any suggestions?

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I am kind of tired of people telling me that I have a such skinny body .Even at home.I cant gain weigh because I have to walk to school but it close .My friends at school tells me I have nice legs but I hated my cousin because they call me a stick and my own parents . I just need some advise to get bigger thighs.


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i have that same problem. i ate like a mad woman trying to gain weight. people kept asking me, "How are you so skinny to eat that much??" pretty soon, i decided that me eating like that wasn't doing any good because i have a fast matabolism. (Skinny People Run In My Family) i started stretching and that made my thighs A LITTLE bigger. i started researching on ways that i can build muscle in my thighs and butt. These things have been helping so far:

1. Do some lunges. (Make sure your back is straight up while you're doing these. Try to get as full a stretch out of that as you can)

2. Lay on your side and SLOWLY lift your leg up in the air over and over again. While you are doing these, make sure you lift your leg SLOWLY. if you lift your leg fast, you will work your body harder, causing you to burn more calories, causing you to lose weight. if you do these slowly, you will work your muscles, causing them to build up larger. (Be sure to switch sides.) I try to do around 70 lifts per legs 3 times a day, but you might want to start out with 20 per leg and work your way up. (THIS EXCERCISE WILL HURT!!! that's the way it's supposed to feel)

3. try some squats. When i do my squats, i hold it until i can't hold it anymore. this definitly works the thighs!

4. try some wall sits. that's when you put your back straight on a wall, hold your hands out in front of you, and pretend like you are sitting in a chair. (But there won't be a chair there.) This hurts REALLY bad. You might not be able to hold this very long. (I still can't) :)

5. Finally, if u want a bigger butt to go along with your newly developed thighs, try some one legged squats!

~!*CAUTION: In my opinion, muscles in womens thighs are very ugly! Remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Your thighs will look bigger in long pants and no one will ever know! *!~

With your bigger thighs your calfs will look very small compared to them, so do a lot of running along with your other excercises so your calfs will look regular and match the rest of your leg!

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