How do I get a bigger booty?

Hi, I wanted to know if anyone seriously knew how to get a bigger booty. BUT, I want to keep my small waist. I want to have a small waist, thick thighs and a big booty. Can anyone PLEASE seriously help me? Thank you.

Answer #1

u know what donkey kicks are right? do ‘em till you caint do ‘em no more… and what I call pissers, on all fours, raise leg, still bent, to the side, like a pissing dog. these two exercises are wonderful… kepp up on the squats and other excercises too!! tell me what you think

Answer #2

hmm im a “pear” i have a bretty slim stomach.. but when i eat all of it goes down to my thighs and butt.. no im sorry dont eat bread..that really wont help all it will do is ADD FAT to your thighs..and noone wants fat me lmao. so just exercise build muscle.

Answer #3

a bigger but? I wish had something so flat. no one could even see it! My butt, my God!- I hate it… it like sticks out with my thighs… they’re not huge… but, they should be about girls my age…but, you could maybe work out. That’s how i think i got mine! :)

Answer #4

It’s like that Juvenile song “she get it from her mama”. Ladies with a maxed out maximus should be proud. I hear a lot of girls saying they hate big butts. The reason why is cause they see how guys react to it. Look at Kim Kardashian, rich black guys are fighting over her.

Answer #5

You can do lunges and squats. Read seventeen magazine! they always have good workout in there that help sculpt you butt and thighs. Beyonce also says that she walks on a treadmill a lot, but she has it start low and raise the elevation. I’ve tried that and it really does help. It will also help your thighs a bunch!

Answer #6

wel I dont know bout you but it works 4 meh,I do squats and drink lots of milk and vuala!

Answer #7

wow you so good but if you wats a bigger butt I hlep

Answer #8

Hey Ladies this is miss Xclusive okay ladies look we all come in different shapes and sizes and I disagree with having sex to get want you want sound hoeish to me first target on how you want to be shaped secondly focus on those targets for an example slim waste big butt do squats squats will lift your butt and make it firm for slim waste like I did even though you may not know how to do this try belly dancing or rolling your hips it would target on your hips and get that stomach flat trust me my friend was 5’4 and 190 pounds after she just popped in her favorite CD and start hip rolling she drop the weight you don’t have strain yourself in a work out. Also do leg lifts this would target your stomach and tone those things making them look nice and thick nalso by clothes that make you look slim in the waste and thick in the thighs hips and butt other than that thatz my advice from mizz xclusive

Answer #9

No want a bigger booty? I can tell,and promise you how too get a bigger booty. I watched this workout fitness instructor tell the secret to a nice butt on t.v.

First:Get on your hands and knees.

Then:One leg at a time,lift up to the side and kick it out.

Next:In a kicking sideways type motion,keep it up. You’ll feel it in your butt. Do this a lot while watching t.v.,or whenevr you have the time and you’ll have a big,nice butt in no time.

Answer #10

okay my butt was always normal sized not big and not small but as I matured and developed my body began changing while at the same time I began exercising a lot!! now I work out 6 days a week for one or two hours a day, jogging, dancing, lifting weights, step aerobics, spinning, whatever! it tones and lifts your butt and now I have a nice one and it’s bigger and rounder than ever before =]

Answer #11

LMFAO. my butts huge. I hate it. wish there was a way I could give it to you. haha,. you can have my hips too!

: DD

Answer #12

umm lol ? well lesh see a good friend once told me “EAT LOTS OF BREAD – it goes to your buns and thighs !” haha there you are :]

Answer #13

Big booties are sexy, but so are little toned booties…the grass is always greener…just be happy with what you’ve got…life is way too short :D

Answer #14

Well my booty is bigg I mean buffy the body big my thighs are bigg I didnt do anything I was always thick but after I had my baby I lost a lot of weight and whenn they put me on birth control all the weight plus more came back now im trying to get back in shape and lose that extra weight If you ask me work and just get to the shape thats made for you a big butt is not all that trust me it just gets in da

Answer #15

Hmm.. You want it bigger? Well.. maybe you could fill it out with some muscles, to accommodate the lack there of in your perception of your booty’s’ appearance.

Though it is hard to determine a means to activate an appropriate measure of body composition in one particular area, without knowing exactly how your body processes the food you eat, though this would entail it would be more of a fatty tissue that would compose your buttocks. Leg/Thigh & Butt work outs, may do the trick but honestly you might find it easier to accept the butt you have, than to work to make it bigger.

Especially, if you consider all those who wish to make theirs smaller.. Hmm, good question though.. I will get back to you if I think of anything else.. but sorry, for now this is the extent I have.

Good Luck!


Answer #16

yu want a bigger butt ? lol

uhh what yu do is; well yu know how peopel do lungs and stuff well thts waht yu got to do but liek send forward.

like ok so yur standing staight say liek yu know what peopel do in church before they walk into a pew (bech/seats) well yu do that but not let yur knee touch the floor.

and that shuud help and if yu will please respond and tell me how to lose weight.

Answer #17

I’ve got a TINY waist line and a big butt, but honestly I think it’s from sitting in a wheelchair at school all day. I can get up and walk but my high school campus is 1/4 mile long and with my disability I can’t walk long distances. ANYWAY anal sex is not the way to go. It just makes your butt hole bigger and it might tone your butt ever sos slightly, but there are other, non-sexual ways to tone your butt. Go to your local gym and ask someone who works there good butt toning exercises, they are paid and trained to help you.

Answer #18

Hi. Its all about the build of your body. If you are pear shape, its possible. But you cant be and apple or a spoon and get a small waist line and but butt/thighs/hips if you dont already have those things. I am shaped like a pear. Very small waist line, big hips/thick thighs and a nice butt. A friend of mines went under the knife to get the same look, it didn’t work. She was built like spongebob - and she still is, just smaller. She looks really good. But there’s no “small waist” there. Ever body has complaints though, Having thick thighs is hard because you gotta do SO MUCH work to keep them looking together. Pear shaped women like myself look like bombshells.. but the messed up thing that few people know is that most of us look kind of bad with our clothes off. I look fit and so small on top, hardly a full b cup and nice lean arms with a flat belly. Well, the problem is that when I take my clothes off, and look down, I see the cellulite from where my body has chosen to store fat. Its so hard to get it together. Almost at starvation, you get really skinny (way smaller on top of course) and then you still have this oddly disproportionate figure with still some visible cellulite! We cant win either honey. So just get the best body you can get for you. I would love bigger boobs, but I dont see them growing anytime soon! Embrace what you have and make the most of it. Until then, maybe some squatting, lunging, crunches, oblique workouts and less carbs - sugar & fat will help your body tone and give off a FIT figure which is much better than a TYPE of figure.


Answer #19

Who’s “her”? Anyways, I learned that you do this by taking in protien and exercising. You shouldn’t use a lot of protien because it also makes you fat. Especially the bars and shakes… etc. I have a nice booty. It wasn’t flat, but super small. Now it’s bigger and rounder. You should also take into consideration that minimizing ->back<- fat makes your booty look bigger. Your stomach really doesn’t effect the size of your butt, after all they are on opposite ends. I took a look at Femimore and decided to buy but I changed my mind because it’s a bit pricey. Plus I’d rather not use any unnatural substances. I learned no matter how much it says it’s natural, anything in a cream, pill, or spray isn’t. Plus I used a forum site like this which people claimed to having a few nagative side effects in the long run. If you like to know what I turned to that really helped feel free to holla at me on here! I hope this helps a lot of people.

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