How do I discipline a toddler?

I don’t want to do like my parents and whip out the belt at the first chance, yet my 2 year old seems to be extremely stubborn. Any ideas?

Answer #1

Please never ever hit or yell at your child, they will repeat that behaviour with other children and family when given the chance. Do the right thing, never show anger, calmly remove the child from the place of the bad behaviour…pick him up and put him on a step or a special chair you designate as the “time out” chair. Only make him sit there for two minutes, if he gets up, put him back and tell him his behaviour was wrong, and he must sit there everyt time he does something wrong. Trust me, if you do this EVERY time he does something wrong for about four or five days, your child will learn quick, and be very well behaved…but you must be consistant…do it every time, and always for two minutes, and always put him back, when he gets up from the time out on his own. Be thankful he is a healthy two year old that challenges you….life if tough these days, he needs to be determined for his future, just steer him into what is right and what is wrong.

Answer #2

Hey! I’ve rve got 5 kids of my own, from 20 on down to 5 yrs. old. My second, a son, was/is very strong-willed, so I know what you mean. Each kid is unique, with a unique personality and set of needs. I used the old yard stick only as a last resort, for the worst behavior. Best to use different levels of punishment, try the sitting in the chair (but that demands that you watch them!) for half an hour to an hour; the go-to-your-room idea never was punishment to me, but it does work for some kids (I just got a book and had a blast! besides, it got me out of work!!). For a two year old, I think the “sit in that chair” is the worst punishment! They have so much energy, and just can’t take it! Maybe try a reward for good behavior - instead of punishment, and focusing on the negative, focus on the positive, and reward the good behavior. I have always hated the counting method, “Tommy, stop that by the time I count to 3! 1 . . . 2 . . . That just teaches them they can get away with bad behavior up to the final count, and they end up manipulating you! The main thing is “follow through”. If you promise punishment, then do it, or don’t say anything at all. There’s nothing worse than telling a child he/she will “get it” and not deliver! Consistency is a must, as well as making/taking the time to mold, know and show your love to them. They’ll thank you, years down the road!

Answer #3

just talk to the child ask him who what where when how so ya’ll will be on the same page. put the child on time out or take away something that the child likes and tell them that will not get it back until they behave.

Answer #4

Distract them- a two year old has no attention span, and won’t remember instructions for more than 30 seconds, so you will just frustrate yourself, and your child, by repeatedly saying no. They are whining at the door to go outside- go grab one of their books and see if they get interested when you start reading, or play with their cars, or ask them to do a small chore and they can go out “after.”

Keep a schedule so they know what to expect, and what they can/can’t do at particular times. They won’t ask to go outside when it’s playtime, or mealtime, because you have a set time for outside…

Remove as much as you can from their environment that might get them into trouble.It’s just easier on everyone if they have less opportunity to mess up.

Be consistent, because it will take at least 20 repetitions for them to absorb simple instructions like please and thank yous. Don’t get frustrated with yourself when things don’t go as easily or as fast as you would like- it’s a long slow road.

Answer #5

Pick your battles! It is in the nature of the two year old to be stubborn and difficult. If your toddler is driving you crazy, he/she is doing their job well. Just be strong, and remember, your child really does love you.

Answer #6

I find the best thing to do is to ignore them, most of the time when thier being naughty its for attention another thing to do is try distracting them i hope this will help you

Answer #7

well my chiled is now four and he knows if he steps out of line its (time out ) that means i make him sit at the bottom of the stairs for 3 mins. with no talking and if he moves off the stairs the 3 mins start again. sounds a bit crap but no chiled likes to be bord. sitting at the bottom of the stairs with no telly no talking and no playing, cant get more boring than that and it works every time with mine

Answer #8

I just wanted to add that I agree with canoehead wholeheartedly, scheduling is very important for toddlers. You need to have a plan for them so they don’t feel they can go and choose whatever they like and then demand it, set aside time each day for certain things! That’s obviously not the only thing, but I just wanted to stress how important it is especially for younger children.

Answer #9

I babysit a little girl shes like 2 1/2 and when she screams i talk to her and she understands just talk and tuh-duh! it should work does not always work but has for me.

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