How to convince my parents to let me get my nose pierced?

I really want to get my nose pierced but I've asked my dad before and all he says is "we'll talk about it later" I havn't brought it up for a while but I still really want to do it
he doesn't want to be become all emo/scene/punk or whatever but im not like that at friends with a few people of that 'label' but that's not how I dress
how do I convince my dad? what should I say/do...?

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First of all, don't listen to the immature children telling you to get it done and let them deal with it. That's now how it works. THEY are in charge of YOU.

You have to be patient, and you have to be mature. If you're not mature about asking them, and you scream at them, or get angry, then obviously they're right--you're too childish to handle a piercing.

Tell them exactly why you want it, and do some research on the care of piercings, and prove you're adult enough to handle having one--by knowing how to prevent it getting infected.

Tell them that this doesn't mean you're going to change everything about you, and you still plan on being the same person you always were, just with a nose piercing.

Lastly, it never helps to promise you'll do better in school--just actually follow through.

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I have the same problem see my parents are seprated but I still see them both. my mom is always talking about how getting a stud in my nose would be cute and she rubs it in my face. so I got an idea I wanted my nose peirced but I had to get my dads permission so I asked my dad and he told me no ill look childish. I guess he just doesn't understand, but I'm finally getting it done all I told him was that if it doesn't turn out like I wanted it to it can always come out easy. I guess my dad was just worried that I was growing up to fast and I was a little to young to be doing it. and lost of girls at my school have it so I dont see why its so bad.

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I had the EXACT same problem. My mom hates it when I want to get anything pierced..she told me I can't get anything pieced that involves piercing cartalidge or I told her there's no bone in my nose..and so..because she knew I was right..I was allowed to get mine done :P so try and use some sorta excuse like that, or, just wait till your older when you can make your own decisions :P

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I brought it up again with my dad and he said he'd think about it but I think that means no..but does anybody know a way that I can convince him? anything I could say to make a point that I should?

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there;s no way of convincing them to let you do anything...the trick is just doing it and letting them learn how to deal with it. thats what I do.

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alrighty, personally I love piercings and I've tried repeatedly to force my mom into allowing me to get a few things pierced, including my nose. Im still working on it myself, but I got some suggestions...try the "piercings arent permanent" thing. Tell him you can always let it grow back up if you dont like it...also inform him that you need to express urself and that you had always thot that he was an open minded person and that hes dissapointing you by not letting you do it. Give him a guilt mite work 4 u.

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Or better yet, YOU learn to deal with your parents' decision.

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So why the hell do you want your nose pierced?

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If you follow my advice you won't do that.I wanted to do that too,but my mam didn't let me now am happy that I haven't done.

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thanks so much everyone! <3

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Same thing happened to me. But when I turned 16 my mom took me to get mine done... But if nothin works, you'll jsut have to wait until you're 18.

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Erm..for me,I get my nose pierced before letting my parents know. :P

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oh, the only piercings I have are my ears and im going to do one more myself soon

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